Cygames Beast GamerBee Says His Biggest Street Fighter 5 Rival is Himself

Jeff Kotuby,

August 17, 2018 4:00 PM

At Evo 2018, we sat down with CYG|BST GamerBee, who revealed that in Street Fighter V, the player he struggles against the most is himself.

The era of Street Fighter V has been a tumultuous time for Bruce "CYG|BST GamerBee" Yu-lin Hsiang. Known for his stellar Adon and Elena play throughout Street Fighter IV’s life cycle, GamerBee has struggled a bit to find his footing in the series’ fifth iteration. Early in the game’s life, his Necalli play captured some high finishes, including wins at Japan Cup 2016 and EGX 2016.

But as the game evolved, GamerBee often found himself on the outside looking in, as far as high placements were concerned. He has just two Top-3 finishes in 2017 and 2018, and hasn’t won a tournament since that EGX win, which feels like a lifetime ago. Now playing Cammy, GamerBee opened up about his recent struggles:

“In 2018, my biggest rival is myself,” Hsiang said, “because I’m still struggling how to fit with Street Fighter 5. I’ve put a lot of time and energy towards fixing my mentality and skills. So, I believe that is I can fix this, I will be a much better player, and will do well moving forward.”

GamerBee’s mentality is the one needed to succeed at a high level - one that removes the blame from others and puts it solely on one’s self. “I think it’s really hard,” Bee said. “Every person will deal with a downtime in their life, not only in fighting games. I would say, for me you have to always talk to yourself and try to understand yourself, because everyone has different mentalities. Some people need confidence, some people need more courage, everyone needs different things.”

It’s obvious that Bee has the mentality to get back to the highest of levels, like he does in the above video, and serves as motivation for anyone struggling to get better not just at fighting games, but any aspect of life. Bee says, “The only thing you should try to do is understand yourself, reflect on yourself, and try to be the best you can be. For more from GamerBee, check out more of his thoughts on Street Fighter V! 


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