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A Rocket League Hoops Play Worthy Of The Globetrotters!

This is a trick shot that would make a billiards pro blush. Watch how two players set up a phenomenal score in Rocket League Hoops!

In this power play, Reddit user "ConradMaze" offers up a perfect shot in Rocket League's basketball mode, Hoops. In Rocket League, normally, players try to get the goal based on essentially soccer rules, but with the cars and rocket-boosting. The Hoops mode has the same logic, but instead of the goal being vertical against the wall, the goal is a horizontal hoop. This involves the need for better tactics and skill than the normal, everyday game modes.

Maze's video seems to be a test goal that was made between friends. If this was done during a real match, then more power to these guys! Maze's light blue car takes a sudden right turn to be hit perfectly by his team mate Orecus in the green car. This flings Maze sideways, doing a mid-air spin to get his direction corrected and hit the ball right down the center. A light backboard rebound sends the ball into the hoop perfectly. Based on the post's name "We finally did it!", this must have been an trick shot across a ton of attempts.

The goal landed the standard +100 points and +20 for an aerial goal. At the end, it earned an extra +20 for a turtle goal for Maze having his car nearly upside-side down when he hit the ball initially. He landed off to the side of the goal, right up, and was excited to get the shot onto Reddit.

For this, we say "Nice shot! Nice shot! Nice shot! Chat disabled for 3 seconds..."

We finally did it! from RocketLeague
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