Fortnite Dank Memes You Can Laugh At While Getting a Victory Royale

Nicholas Barth,

August 30, 2018 8:40 AM

Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the world and with that dank memes have followed thanks to the creative nature of the Internet.

The battle royale game of Fortnite from Epic Games has quickly become one of the most popular video games and entertainment products in the world thanks to consistent and constant content updates, entertaining, satisfying and rewarding gameplay and a whole slew of cosmetic options to keep the gameplay experience fresh.

With this popularity, as with anything else in our current world today, the creative millions who populate the internet have created countless memes of the dank variety to highlight the hilarity that can come from playing Fortnite while also poking fun at the community that the battle royale game has created. 

We have gathered a few memes that focus on the battle royale game from Epic Games in order for you to get a good chuckle out of before you venture into another match and chase a Victory Royale where the subject matters of the dank memes we have collected could possibly appear before you. 

Fortnite Dank Memes

(Source: Me.Me)

Everyone hates to face Bob the Builder when they are trying to capture a Victory Royale.

(Source: Fortnite.broyal)

It is all fun and games when you are sliding down a mountain until you realize that you are about to take a large amount of fall damage, which this meme perfectly captures.

(Source: Cosmicmemer)

Tyler "Ninja" Belvins is considered to be one fo the most talented Fortnite players in the world and this shows by him being a single Ninja that can eliminate 99 highly trained warriors on the map. Ninja and Fortnite dank memes go hand in hand we must say. 

(Source: Instahu)

We all like to think that having a cool skin will help us get more eliminations and Victory Royales. However, this entry in our dank memes shows that is often not the case.


Finally we have the age old two button meme that asks the age old question. Should you focus your efforts on playing Fortnite or creating dank memes. We believe that Fortnite and dank memes can live peacefully together for players.

From making fun of players who call upon their inner Bob te Builder to create massive structures when one shot passes them to players who have the coolest skins in Fortnite but possess the skills of a player who is playing for the very first time, these Fortnite dank memes should tickle the fancy of any fan of the popular battle royale game. 

We hope you appreciate these Fortnite dank memes and have them help motivate you to not be the subject manner of a dank meme that we may post in a future version of this article. 

(cover photo courtesy of NoahsNoah)


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