Janus Dropped From New York Excelsior Ahead Of Overwatch League Season Two

Ford James,

September 3, 2018 9:11 AM

The second Overwatch League season is approaching and the latest victim of roster changes is Stanislav 'Mistakes' Danilov from Boston Uprising.

These past few days have been chaos for Overwatch League teams as there’s been roster changes left, right and center. We saw the Shanghai Dragons release a preposterous EIGHT players from their roster, largely due to their shocking 0-40 league performance in the first season. Philadelphia Fusion dropped three players, Los Angeles Gladiators released three, it’s been non-stop.

Janus is the latest victim of roster changes. Image courtesy of Inven Global.

Just days after New York Excelsior announced they’d be dropping their coach, Kim ‘WizardHyeong’ Hyeong-suk, they’ve also gone ahead and released one of their rotational tank players, Song ‘Janus’ Jun-hwa. This move implies the team will be opting for more consistency in the tank position, keeping Kim ‘Mano’ Dong-gyu. Janus wasn’t a poor performer though, far from it, which means he’ll be one of the top targets for some of the other teams in the league.

NYXL were hugely successful during season one of the Overwatch League, winning both stage two and three and taking second in stages one and four. They couldn’t perform as well as predicted at the playoffs, finishing 3rd-4th but NYXL will be one of the favourites for season two despite their roster changes.

In other Overwatch news, Dallas Fuel’s Mickie was awarded the Dennis Hawelka award last week and you can read more on that here. In the Overwatch League All-Star Weekend, the Atlantic Division came out on top.

(Header image courtesy of Overwatch CC.)


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