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Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Reaches Max Stretch Goals

The highly anticipated board game version of the Power Rangers has managed to reach the final stretch goal with days to spare.

Update September 6th: The Kickstarter has now closed, reaching an amazing $705,087 in total.

Additionally, the remaining hidden stretch goals have been revealed, being the White/Green Retro Cards, More Z Putty Patrollers, Eye Guy Monster Miniature and Cards, and the Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Kat Ranger Character Cards. 

We’ve talked about the upcoming Power Rangers board game before, with the Hyperforce team expansion and our interview with game designer Jonathan Ying, and now it seems the popularity of both the game and the Power Rangers franchise as a whole continues to grow, with the Kickstarter project reaching its max stretch goal with days to spare.

The last time we talked about this project, the stretch goals had reached the $355K goal, unlocking the Red Ranger with Dragon Shield Miniatures and Cards. The final goal for the project rested at a cool $600K, with plenty of extra unlockable goals in between.

Not all of the stretch goals have been revealed just yet, however we can confirm that what has been unlocked contains the Robogoat Monster Miniature and Cards, double-sided Command Center and Punchboard Upgrade, more Super Putty Patrollers, the Hero version of the Ranger Slayer Miniature and Cards, the Primator Monster Miniature and Cards, a deluxe storage box for extra content, the Rhinoblaster Monster Miniature and Cards, Goldar Master Miniature and Cards, and the All the Love package, which contains a UV Box Finish, Backers Choice Vote, Storage Box with Dan Mora art, Energy Token Upgrade, and Lead Ranger Token upgrade. The final goal, previously locked at $600K but now reached, is the Lauren Shiba Red Samurai Ranger Shattered Grid Expansion Upgrade, which will also be available to all backers that purchase the Shattered Grid expansion.

There are still a few days remaining to back the project, however the project is unlikely to add any more stretch goals. In fact, there are still four hidden stretch goas yet to be revealed, meaning that there is still more content to come.

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