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Pokemon Dragon Majesty Trading Card Game Expansion Releases In The US

A new special expansion to the Pokemon TCG came out today. But, what's it all about? What's the new meta from it? Let's take a look.

Every couple months, the Pokemon Trading Card Game puts out a new set. Such is the case most months, but sometimes those sets are “half-sets”, which serve as special expansions to a previous fully realized set. In video games, we’d refer to it as a DLC for the full game, for instance. As for September, the release of Dragon Majesty for the US TCG is today.

Dragon Majesty serves as the special expansion for the set Forbidden Light, which was the set before this last set (Celestial Storm). Officially, it has 70 cards, but includes 8 additional “Secret Rares”, upping the total to 78. But, what’s in it?

According to Pokemon wiki Bulbapedia, the set is as follows: 

  • 1/70 Charmander Fire Common
  • 2/70 Charmeleon Fire Uncommon
  • 3/70 Charizard Fire Rare Holo
  • 4/70 Torchic Fire Common
  • 5/70 Combusken Fire Uncommon
  • 6/70 Blaziken Fire Rare Holo
  • 7/70 Victini Prism Star Fire Rare Holo
  • 8/70 Darumaka Fire Common
  • 9/70 Darmanitan Fire Uncommon
  • 10/70 Heatmor Fire Uncommon
  • 11/70 ReshiramGX Fire Ultra-Rare Rare
  • 12/70 Litten Fire Common
  • 13/70 Salandit Fire Common
  • 14/70 Salazzle Fire Uncommon
  • 15/70 Horsea Water Common
  • 16/70 Horsea Water Common
  • 17/70 Seadra Water Uncommon
  • 18/70 KingdraGX Water Ultra-Rare Rare
  • 19/70 Magikarp Water Common
  • 20/70 Gyarados Water Rare Holo
  • 21/70 Lapras Water Uncommon
  • 22/70 Totodile Water Common
  • 23/70 Croconaw Water Uncommon
  • 24/70 Feraligatr Water Rare Holo
  • 25/70 Wooper Water Common
  • 26/70 Quagsire Water Uncommon
  • 27/70 Corsola Water Common
  • 28/70 Feebas Water Common
  • 29/70 Milotic Water Uncommon
  • 30/70 Phione Water Uncommon
  • 31/70 Wishiwashi Water Common
  • 32/70 Trapinch Fighting Common
  • 33/70 Hydreigon Darkness Rare Holo
  • 34/70 Dratini Dragon Common
  • 35/70 Dratini Dragon Common
  • 36/70 Dragonair Dragon Uncommon
  • 37/70 DragoniteGX Dragon Ultra-Rare Rare
  • 38/70 Vibrava Dragon Common
  • 39/70 Flygon Dragon Uncommon
  • 40/70 Altaria Dragon Rare Holo
  • 41/70 AltariaGX Dragon Ultra-Rare Rare
  • 42/70 Bagon Dragon Common
  • 43/70 Shelgon Dragon Uncommon
  • 44/70 SalamenceGX Dragon Ultra-Rare Rare
  • 45/70 Druddigon Dragon Uncommon
  • 46/70 Zekrom Dragon Rare Holo
  • 47/70 Kyurem Dragon —
  • 48/70 White KyuremGX Dragon Ultra-Rare Rare
  • 49/70 Zygarde Dragon Uncommon
  • 50/70 Turtonator Dragon Uncommon
  • 51/70 Drampa Dragon Uncommon
  • 52/70 Jangmo-o Dragon Common
  • 53/70 Hakamo-o Dragon Common
  • 54/70 Kommo-o Dragon Rare Holo
  • 55/70 Kangaskhan Colorless Common
  • 56/70 Swablu Colorless Common
  • 57/70 Swablu Colorless Common
  • 58/70 Blaine's Last Stand Su Rare
  • 59/70 Dragon Talon I Uncommon
  • 60/70 Fiery Flint I Uncommon
  • 61/70 Lance Prism Star Su Rare Holo
  • 62/70 Switch Raft I Uncommon
  • 63/70 Wela Volcano Park St Uncommon
  • 64/70 Zinnia Su Uncommon
  • 65/70 ReshiramGX Fire Rare Ultra
  • 66/70 KingdraGX Water Rare Ultra
  • 67/70 DragoniteGX Dragon Rare Ultra
  • 68/70 AltariaGX Dragon Rare Ultra
  • 69/70 Blaine's Last Stand Su Rare Ultra
  • 70/70 Zinnia Su Rare Ultra
  • 71/70 ReshiramGX Fire Rare Secret
  • 72/70 AltariaGX Dragon Rare Secret
  • 73/70 SalamenceGX Dragon Rare Secret
  • 74/70 White KyuremGX Dragon Rare Secret
  • 75/70 Dragon Talon I Rare Secret
  • 76/70 Fiery Flint I Rare Secret
  • 77/70 Switch Raft I Rare Secret
  • 78/70 Ultra NecrozmaGX Dragon Rare Secret

As opposed to trying to cater to all energy types, this set focuses on three distinctly: Fire, Water, and Dragon. That’s all there is outside of a single Dark card, Hydreigon, and trainers. But, all in all, this set is meant to focus on “Dragons” in the TCG.

How does it differ from the Japanese release? Certain cards have been added to buff the set to be higher than Japan’s version at only 66 total cards. Cards have been pulled and modified from other previous sets, such as Torchic originally being from EX Ruby & Sapphire.

Additionally, the Rainbow Kingdra GX and Rainbow Dragonite GX (which were part of the Japanese set) were released separately from the set as promos in the Dragon Majesty Premium Powers Collection box (alongside a giant-sized Rainbow Dragonite GX). Latios and Latias are available (if you can find them) in special Dragon Majesty Pin Collection boxes as promos currently, as well. An Ultra Necrozma GX with 190 HP is set to be a promo card within the series, as well, coming in November, but it is currently unclear (as of writing) if it is a promo or the secret rare version in Dragon Majesty. Additionally, a Dragon Majesty Super Premium Collection set is coming on October, similar to the Shining Legends one earlier this year.

How does Dragon Majesty effect the current meta?

With the upcoming set in November, Lost Thunder, this one is determined to whet your appetite for the time being. Players are already working on the best configurations for their decks. Dragonite GX seems to be a fan favorite to try to build a deck around currently, even if his energy needs are not ideal for anything else in the set. But, players are interested in making Salamence GX work as well, due to a solid set of moves.

Dragonite comes in at a whopping 250 HP. Just a single electric energy give him a 70 damage move in Dragon Claw, making him dangerous as soon as he evolves. But, Giga Impact is the heavy hitting move at 200 damage for a water, electric, and two colorless energies. The GX move allows the player to pull three Dragon-type Pokemon from your discard pile and put them on your bench, so it’s useful for players that need to stall for time.

Salamence GX, on the other hand, was not in the Japanese release of this set, though it is available as a standard GX card and full art. It originated in the Japan only “Champion Road” set that released this year and is likely where multiple cards in the US version of Dragon Majesty and recent sets originated (such as Mr. Mime GX originating here as well and being in Celestial Storm).

This card’s Ability is Dragon Lift, which allows non EX or GX cards to have zero retreat cost when in play. That means the ability doesn’t work on Salancence GX itself, but is great as a bench support. Bright Flame does 200 HP of damage from a fire, water, and two colorless energies, but two energies need to be discarded when used. This is likely to use the standard attack-discard-trainer rinse and repeat style. The GX move is Flame Jet- GX, which does 120 damage to one of your opponent’s Pokemon, even if they’re benched.

Salamence GX and White Kyurem GX will be getting Dragon Majesty Special Collection packages, which include promos of these Pokemon and packs with them, similar to the Ultra Necroszma GX set.

For more Pokemon news, check out the recent reveal of Tag Team cards at Pokemon Worlds. If you enjoy nostalgic board games, read our recent interview with Jonathan Ying about Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

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