Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Quadruples Goal in One Day

Zac Cameron,

September 7, 2018 4:54 PM

It looks like the creators underestimated how popular Horizon Zero Dawn was as a franchise, with the Kickstarter project fully funded in less than two hours.

A new Kickstarter project to bring the world of Horizon Zero Dawn to tabletops across the world has met with seemingly unprecedented success. The crowdfunding campaign has soared past its initial goal just hours after the launch, more than quadrupling what was initially requested as fans eagerly seek a new addition to the popular franchise.

The creators of the game, Steamforged Games, are a longtime veteran of Kickstarter, successfully creating and funding several other campaigns, including Dark Souls: The Board Game, and Resident Evil 2: The Board Game. With the experience these other games have given the team, it’s no wonder fans are comfortable pledging to see this story continue.

Much like the previous campaigns, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game will be a cooperative experience for players, working together as members of the secretive Hunter’s Lodge from the game. Players will be working as a team to hunt and take down the mechanical monstrosities that plague the lands, while ensuring they are the ones to land the killing blow and accrue glory unto themselves.

“Combat is deeply tactical, offering players meaningful choices at every turn,” the campaign page explains. “Hunters can sneak through tall grass and remain hidden until the time to strike is right, but every second which passes means the machines are one step further along their patrol routes. Wait too long, and your prey will leave the playing area and you’ll fail the encounter — attack too soon, and you’ll make enough noise to attract the attention of every enemy in earshot.”

You can find out more information on the game on the official Kickstarter page, here, and for more tabletop news, check out the updated final results for the Power Rangers Board Game Kickstarter, here.


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