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BlizzCon 2018 Sombra Skin Leaked

The latest in the BlizzCon exclusive skins has been revealed, and it's for everyone's favorite Hacker.

Fans of the games in the Blizzard realm have always considered BlizzCon to be the highlight of the year, with many announcements for new games, expansions, and new additions making waves over that weekend in early November. For fans dedicated enough to make the trip and see the action live, or to shell out to catch all the action at home, Blizzard have often released exclusive in-game goodies as an incentive. For Overwatch fans, it looks like that incentive is a new Legendary skin for Sombra that crosses the boundary between Overwatch and Diablo.

A user on Reddit noticed the skin when browsing in the pre-match lobby. While the skin itself is not usable just yet, they were able to get some screenshots of the skin. Previously, Blizzard have made crossover skins featuring their Overwatch heroes dressed as characters from other Blizzard franchises, and it seems as though that popular skin-line isn’t going away any time soon.

BlizzCon is scheduled for November 2nd to November 3rd, and while this preview for Sombra’s new Legendary skin is nice, we’re also expecting to see a lot more content making its way to the game. Exactly what that content will be remains unclear at this stage, with the latest Map, Busan, and D.Va cinematic releasing recently, it seems unlikely that we’ll get more in that vein come November.

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