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How To get An Odyssey Skin for Free in League of Legends

The latest game mode for League of Legends has some enticing rewards for getting new players into the game.

The League of Legends Odyssey event game type has begun, and it’s bringing an awesome new game mode, a sweet new trailer, and a new skin-line that looks right at home in Guardians of the Galaxy. If that wasn’t enough to entice players to jump in and play, playing with a new friend can reward you both with a free Odyssey skin.

Jumping into the client now, you can see a link to “Call for Backup”. Sending this link to a friend who is either new to the game or hasn’t played for several months will send them to a recruitment page that encourages them to jump into the game. Once they’ve joined, players can team up and complete recruitment missions to obtain the recruit summoner icon.

One both new and old players have the icon, equip it and jump into an Extraction match, the new game mode that has arrived with Odyssey. Make sure the Extraction match is Captain or higher difficulty, then once it’s successfully complete, players will receive an Odyssey skin shard, which they can turn into a free skin!

At the moment, it seems that the event only appears for North American players. Whether this event will make its way to the other regions remains to be seen, but in the meantime, NA players should jump on the chance to secure a free Odyssey skin and try out the new game mode as soon as possible.

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