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WWE's HHH Congratulates OWL's London Spitfire With World Championship Belt

Wrestling and gaming have had no lack of crossover recently, and WWE Champion and executive face Triple H is keeping it going with a custom WWE Championship belt offered to Overwatch League Season 1 champions London Spitfire.

Pro-wrestling and gaming have shared a lot of notable common ground recently, but none quite like one world champion from the former congratulating world champions from the latter. That changed recently when WWE Executive Triple H took the opportunity to congratulate London Spitfire on their big win at the Season 1 Overwatch League finals, and he did it with an amazing WWE Championship belt made just for the London Spitfire team.

It was on July 28, 2018 that London Spitfire came up against Philadelphia Fusion and overpowered them in a definitive sweep of the series to claim the Season 1 OWL Championship. On September 13, 2018, Triple H tweeted his congratulations to Spitfire from his personal Twitter account, complete with a custom-made WWE belt HHH announced he’d be sending to the OWL champs.

It’s been a pretty outstanding time for crossovers between professional wrestling and gaming. Between New Japan crossovers with in-game Tekken 7 character clothing, the ever-present involvement of WWE’s Xavier Woods with his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel and the Windjammers competitive scene, and Woods’ clash with Kenny Omega in Street Fighter V at E3 2018. The pro-wrestling world and esports share a lot of values when it comes to competition, especially in the fighting game community where head-to-head battles and rivalries are common.

That said, this might be the most high-profile connection yet with a former 14-time World Champion in pro-wrestling and the first-ever champions of the Overwatch League. It was most certainly an honor to Cloud 9 and London Spitfire Founder and CEO Jack Etiene, who was thrilled to see the prize his team would be receiving from HHH and the WWE.

This is surely not the first time we’re going to see crossover between competitive gaming and pro-wrestling, but it will certainly be a tough moment to top. That said, as the gaming industry and esports continue to grow exponentially, we’re sure to see more and more high-profile events in the near future. For now, another congratulations to OWL World Champions London Spitfire.

Be sure to watch for Season 2 when 8 new teams come to the expanded Overwatch League, bringing even more varied and fierce competition to the OWL circuit!

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