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Bance Dropped From Splyce Call Of Duty As They Revamp Before Black Ops 4

Bance has been released so ust one player remains on Splyce's Call of Duty team as they make some serious changes before Black Ops 4.

At the Call of Duty World Championship earlier this year, Splyce didn’t perform too well. With a roster of Jurd, Bance, MadCat, Joshh and MarkyB as their coach, they bowed out in 17th-24th. It was a highly disappointing performance for the British team and as a result, they’ve almost completely revamped their lineup.

Just Jordan “Jurd” Crowley and Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland remain on the roster as they’ve announced the release of Ben “Bance” Bance from the team. Rumours were circulating that the team planned on keeping Jurd and building a team based in North America around that and this latest development lends more credence to that fact. As of right now, Scottish coach MarkyB remains under the organisation but that could change.

Bance has been one of Splyce’s longest serving players, originally joining in in 2015 during Black Ops 3. He tweeted last month that he was a restricted free agent anyway so he was already expecting to leave and now that he’s gone, it suggests another team has purchased his services. There’s been no official announcement yet however.

Bance had nothing but praise for the organisation, tweeting that it’s been a “great three years representing an organisation what backed you no matter what”. He went on to wish them the “best of luck in the new route they’re taking.” Could that new route be migrating overseas to pick up some of the hottest North American talent? We’re in the midst of RosterMania so anything could happen.

In other Call of Duty news, the Call of Duty Endowment has announced The Race charity stream for Black Ops 4. Elsewhere in esports, wrestling legend Triple H has congratulated London Spitfire of the Overwatch League on their success during Season 1.

(Header image courtesy of ESPN.)

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