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How to Complete the Blind Well in Destiny 2

A guide to taking on one of the many challenges you can find in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

The Blind Well in Destiny 2: Forsaken provides high-power players with an end-game activity that rivals other options in the game. Finding out how to complete the Blind Well, no matter the tier of difficulty, can be a challenging task, especially for players unfamiliar with the mechanics involved.

How the Blind Well Works

Returning players from Destiny 1 will be more familiar with the general nature of the Blind Well, sitting as a cross between the Court of Oryx from the Taken King expansion, and the Escalation Protocol from the Warmind expansion to Destiny 2. Activating the Blind Well begins a wave-based challenge that ultimately culminates in a fight with an Ogre.

The boss Ogre's can be a real handful
The boss Ogre's can be a real handful

The difference in tiers really boils down to the final boss wave, with each tier increasing the number of Ogre’s you need to take down. The difficulty comes in the time limit, only having about 60 seconds to complete the boss wave which can prove difficult when there are fewer players involved.

How to Complete the Blind Well

To begin, you need to insert your Charge of Light, and if you have more than one, picking the challenge you think you can take on. T team of 3 Guardians could take on tier 1, possibly even tier 2 if skilled, but you’ll probably need more Guardians if you want to take on tier 3.

Once the Charge of Light is inserted, heavy mists will surround the area that deal continuous damage to all inside. The only way to stop taking damage from the mist is to find the highlighted pillar and stand under its shield. This will give a buff called Touch of the Sky, that will protect you from the mist for a short time.

Deciding which Charge of Light to insert can be a key factor in attaining victory

During this fight, glowing enemies will spawn that drop an orb on death. Picking up this orb provides a buff called Harmony, that significantly increases the recharge rate of all Guardian abilities and allows them to damage the boss shields.

For the first few waves, simply kill the enemies that spawn while avoiding death in the mist. Once you reach the final wave, the mist will vanish, and a boss will appear. Guardians must work together with the Harmony buff to take down the boss shields and allow other players to deal damage.

When attempting higher tier versions of the Blind Well, a good strategy is to focus down a single boss at a time, rather than trying to deal with them all at once. Killing a boss can take some time, almost a minute in some cases, however when a boss dies, the timer is reset, so its easy to move from one boss to the next. As long as the group remembers the mechanics of the fight and work together, the Blind Well should prove no obstacle in the end.

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