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Epic Announce Fortnite Fall Skirmish, TwitchCon & Showdown Royale Details

Epic's next official Fortnite competitive series is called Fall Skirmish and they've revealed some of the finer details today, including the conclusion at TwitchCon.

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish recently finished at PAX West, after eight weeks of intense competition. Numerous players left their mark on the competitive Fortnite scene, earning thousands of dollars and starting their career in Fortnite esports. In fact, Epic has just announced that nearly 500 players earned money across the eight weeks of competition.

In a blog post today, Epic have announced some of the finer details for Fall Skirmish, the next series in Fortnite esports that will have a total of $10 million across six weeks. They’ve confirmed it’ll be starting “next weekend”, so if it follows the same Friday & Saturday evening format as before, expect to see action starting on Friday, September 21. They’ve also confirmed the final will take place during TwitchCon on October 26-28.

“The new approach for Fall Skirmish will include both Competitive and Entertainment play formats,” the announcement reads. “We’re looking to incorporate some of these new formats into our large-scale events in 2019. During Fall Skirmish, players will proudly represent themed teams and earn points based on their performances in both play formats. Each week will pose new challenges like white-knuckle ATK races, masterful golf outings, mini-games, and of course high skill competition every weekend.”

That’s definitely a change of pace from the non-stop high-level gameplay we’ve seen before. It goes on to explain that they haven’t revealed the format and teams yet, but to expect a blog post on that next week. The TwitchCon event will be open to attendees much like PAX West was too, so expect information on how to pre-register for that closer to the date.

Showdown Royale is the announcement they conclude the post with. It explains that Showdown Royale is an in-game tournament system which gives everybody chances to compete and earn prizes. Even better, it’s being implemented at the start of October, so there’s not long to wait at all. In other Fortnite news, we’ve got everything you need to find the jigsaw puzzle pieces in the Season 5 Week 10 challenges. You can find Epic’s full official blog post here.

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