Ninja Predicted Fortnite Cube Path Two Weeks Ago And Nobody Realised

Ford James,

September 19, 2018 4:04 PM

Over two weeks ago, Ninja made a joke prediction about the path the enormous purple cube would take in Fortnite. It turns out he was absolutely correct.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is a world renowned name at this point. 2018 has been huge for him, breaking countless records on Twitch by streaming Fortnite and gaining an incredible fanbase. Since he plays Fortnite so much, there’s no doubt he’s said a lot of crazy things and made some wacky predictions during his time streaming. Something he joked about with fellow streamers TimTheTatMan, BasicallyIDoWrk and ActionJaxonTV has come true though.

16 days ago, on Monday September 3, Ninja said “The cube’s going Tilted [Towers]... Bro, I’m telling you right now, I’d pay money for this thing to land… to roll over the center building that has been taking all season to build and just crush it again.”

Guess what happened earlier today? The cube rolled down the street in Tilted Towers, before turning around and crashing through the brand new building before leaving via the hill to the north-west. Check it out for yourself below.

via Gfycat

Did Ninja receive some forewarning from Epic Games about the cube’s path, or did he just make an insanely lucky prediction? We’ll never know but either way, it’s a spot on prediction from the ex-Halo pro player.

Widespread speculation is that the cube is going to travel down into Loot Lake. It’s almost there - at the time of writing, it’s sat by the two factories on the west side of the lake. Nobody knows what it’s going to do though and with only five days left till the end of the season, we don’t have long to wait. Could Loot Lake turn into a volcano like the datamined files suggest?

In other Fortnite news, TSM Dakotaz isn’t a fan of the new legendary Port-a-Fort, also known as the Port-a-Fortress.


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