2K Foundations Helps Improve 12 Communities Including Baltimore And Cincinnati

Jesse Collins,

September 25, 2018 7:50 AM

Developer 2K Games doesn't just make basketball games like NBA 2K19. They also are refurbishing community courts and helping outfit community centers with upgrades with 2K Foundations.

The folks that make the NBA 2K series, (the aptly named) 2K Games, have decided to do something good with their basketball money and launched an initiative called 2K Foundations. This program is meant to help neighborhoods and communities that might need their basketball courts refurbished, among other things.

The biggest highlight is that the program will offer huge upgrades to community centers that will enable STEM programming for youth. STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering and mathematics” and is considered special extra-curricular education that helps kids learn more about different topics that underfunded schools may not.

Microsoft is getting in on the action too. At each of the community centers that the 2K Foundations helps, Microsoft is partnering to donate Xbox One S gaming stations, as well as other equipment, at each location. Not only will the kids be able to learn about science and tech, but they’ll also be able to play newer game systems while at the community center.

2K Foundations plans to refurbish 12 basketball courts during the first year. While all of the cities have not been revealed, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago and Cleveland are named in the official press release. The courts will be upgraded and the promise of “environmentally-safe upgrades and offer resources to create local basketball tournaments and other positive endeavors that promote diversity, sportsmanship, learning and the positive power of community” is stated. No other details have been given just yet, but it’s clear this isn’t just a paint-job.

Jason Argent, Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations for NBA 2K, went into further detail about why they plan to do this. “2K Foundations is inspired by the basketball community and passionate NBA 2K fans who have been enthusiastic about their love for the game over the last two decades,” Argent stated. “Basketball has been so good to us, and we want to pay it forward to the communities that need it most, by helping to enhance the lives of youth both on the court and in the classroom.”

Plans are only just getting underway, so the groundwork has started. But, Baltimore and Cincinnati have already been completed prior to publication to show the two transformations with the announcement. With King James on this year's cover of 2K19, could we be seeing some partnerships with the players themselves for the 2K Foundation in the future?


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