Fortnite World Records - Tfue Twitter Announces the Breaking of Squad Kill Record

Nicholas Barth,

September 25, 2018 6:24 PM

The Fortnite world records have once again been changed, as Tfue has posted on his Twitter account showing that his team has been the second group to break the Fortnite squad kill record on Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 25th has seen a truly impressive amount of Fortnite having been played as squads from each of the five Fall Skirmish clubs have been battling it out in the Week 1 trial for the $10,000,000 event. The Week 1 Fortnite Fall Skirmish trial has seen teams compete to collect the highest amount of eliminations across all four players of a team in a single match for the chance at securing cash prizes and points for the respective clubs the teams belong to.

This format for the Fall Skirmish Week 1 trial has led to the Fortnite squad kill record being broken twice in a single day with the Rift Raiders team of FaZe Clan players Turner "Tfue" Tenney and Dennis "Cloak" Lepore, Luminosity Gaming player Kreo and competitive player ZexRow having been the latest to do so.

Demonstrating their immense skill in the popular battle royale title from Epic Games, Tfue, Cloak, ZexRow and Kreo were able to collect 57 eliminations between the four of them to secure their place in the world of Fortnite world records and secure the squad kills record.

This 57 elimination performance by the Rift Raiders team surpassed the previous Fortnite squad kill record of 56 that was set earlier today by the lucky Llamas team of Nick Eh 30, FaZe Clan members Spacelyon and Replays and competitive player Turkey Lips.TV who had all already placed their names in the world of world records for the title. 

Tfue Twitter Fortnite World Records Squad Kill Record
(Source: FaZe Tfue)

You can find the individual elimination totals for Tfue, Cloak, Kreo and ZexRow below. 

Fortnite World Records - New Fortnite Squad Kill Record

FaZe Cloak - 17 eliminations

ZexRow - 13 eliminations

Kreo - 3 eliminations

FaZe Tfue - 24 eliminations

Viewers of all of the action that has taken place in the Week 1 Fall Skirmish trial could not have asked for a more entertaining show, as one of the most sought after world records for Epic Games' battle royale title has been broken twice in a span of a few hours in the Fortnite squad kill record by some of the most popular and talented players the competitive scene has to offer. 

(cover photo courtesy of FaZe Tfue)


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