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Sam & Max Creator Shows Love For Telltale Games Amid Layoffs

Steve Purcell, creator of Sam and Max, gave his thanks for all the years of hard work Telltale Games put into his series.

Earlier this month, famed developer Telltale Games was unceremoniously disbanded, save for a few members of the team. Out of the 400 employees reported to have worked there prior, 90 were let go last November, bringing the number down to 310. After laying off 250 employees this last week, that number is 25 to finish wrapping up projects like The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

In the meantime, everyone is giving their condolences, including Sam & Max creator, Steve Purcell. The comic book characters Sam & Max, were eventually turned into a series of episodic games (aside from their Lucasarts outings) and were handled by Telltale Games since 2005. Just like their roots, the 3D games were point-and-click, full of humor and wit that Sam & Max is known for. Telltale went ahead and used their engine to produce fifteen machinima video shorts based on the duo. Both Sam and Max (the characters) both appeared in Telltale’s Poker Night At The Inventory (and its sequel), alongside other popular characters from different games and animation.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Steve Purcell, creator of Sam & Max, spoke out on his Facebook about the ordeal. “I honestly don’t know what to make of the circumstances surrounding the massive Telltale Games layoffs. I’d just like to offer a sincere thanks to all the creative people who contributed to the smart development, marketing and distribution of the Sam & Max series of games, shorts, store items and the Telltale edition of the comics that were all carefully crafted over several years. I always felt that Sam & Max were in caring hands during their ongoing run at Telltale and I’m proud of the products that went out into the world bearing their name. Thank you.”

Purcell may be known for Sam & Max, but he has worked on tons of other games over the years, like ToeJam & Earl, the Monkey Island series, and Maniac Mansion. In film, he is a Pixar alumni, working on Cars and Ratatouille, and co-directing Brave.

Telltale Games may be gone, but what about any loose ends left with the company? What does the future hold for the TWD game being finished? Will we ever see another Sam & Max game? We hope so. We're definitely with Steve and the tons of commenters showing their love when we give our condolences to Telltale and the situation.

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