Finally, Hasbro Is Putting Out Parody Board Games Targeted To Millennials

Jesse Collins,

September 28, 2018 1:35 PM

Hasbro is releasing parody versions of Clue, Life, Sorry, Operation, and Mystery Date for the millennial generation. Participation trophies are not included.

Every day, I ask myself: Man, why doesn't anyone make board games for a 30-year old like me? Does Gen X think we millennials don't enjoy gaming? Well, we fret no more! Hasbro is putting out parody versions of five of their most popular titles: Clue, The Game of Life, Operation, Sorry!, and Mystery Date.

"Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas Parody Edition" (Wow, that's such a long name) is described as resembling the movie The Hangover, if The Hangover had seven total characters instead of four. But, it's Clue, so where is "Buddy"? "The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis Parody Edition" starts players with $500k of crippling debt that they have to dig themselves out of. It's highly unrealistic, because the game doesn't take 40 years. "Botched Operation" is exactly how it sounds. It's Operation with challenge cards, such as "remove a part using no thumbs" or other more difficult "stunts". "Sorry! Not Sorry! Parody Edition" is designed to allowed us millennials to sabotage our friends and giggle about "Have you ever" secrets. Everything I ever dreamed of in a board game that isn't Munchkin. 

Source: Hasbro
Source: Hasbro

"Mystery Date: Catfished Parody Edition" is an adult-oriented take on Mystery Date. I'm just going to let the official description explain itself to you because I am so done. "An adult party version of the classic game, the Mystery Date: Catfished game brings players into dating in the digital age with hilarious adult gameplay. By picking, swapping, and collecting the hilarious Trait and Action cards, players will wade through a sea of weirdos as they search for love in the dubious world of online dating. When it's time to open the door on the game board, players will be introduced to the companion and dating scenario of their dreams. But watch out! Just like in real life, they just might get catfished instead!"

These are going to be available at Target, exclusively, because some Gen X Hasbro executive decided these should exist, first off, but also that millennials are exactly as the media portays us. Now, I'm angry enough that I'm going to grab my latte and avacado toast and head off to kill the board game industry. In all seriousness, they look kinda fun. But, not nearly as fun as the Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid board game that recently blew past its goal on Kickstarter. Then we sat down with game designer Johnathan Ying to talk about this game, which is clearly aimed at millennials that grew up with the show.


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