FaZe Banks: Logan And Jake Have Made a Career Out Of Lying

Jesse Collins,

October 2, 2018 8:30 AM

The beef continues. Logan and Jake Paul aren't known for their empathy and FaZe Banks called them out again for their horrible demeanor.

Popular streamer for FaZe Clan, Ricky Banks, has spoken out yet again about controversial brothers Jake and Logan Paul, calling them out for their behavior and condoning Shane Dawson's documentary about Jake Paul in a now-deleted tweet..

Source: Twitter/ Dexerto
Source: Twitter/ Dexerto

Mid last year, FaZe Banks was embroiled in controversy himself, allegedly lying about his girlfriend being punched in the face at a bar. This led to the imfamous Twitter war between himself and the Paul Brothers when Jake made comments publicly about the controversy. Early on in the comments, Jake claimed that Banks himself had assaulted his female assistant at a nightclub. Even as recent as June 2018, Banks Tweeted that Jake Paul was "human garbage." To be fair, this feud has an even longer longer history due to Banks' girlfriend, Alissa Violet, having a past with Jake Paul too, reportedly dating him in early 2017.

Banks spoke out this week again on Twitter about his arch nemesis and the other Paul brother, Logan. “Both of these fkn kids (Jake and Logan Paul) have made a career out of manipulating/ lying,” he wrote. “I could ruin both of these kids with a tweet, if it comes to that then so be it.”

He showed hope in Shane Dawson's multi-part documentary about Jake Paul, going into details of what makes him so popular. The third part released this week about Paul's family, possibly being what prompted the Tweet from Banks. "I'm confident in Shane's ability to get to the bottom of this s**t," he also said in the same Tweet.

Within the documentary, Dawson, among the first YouTubers to have existed, paints many of his breathren as "sociopaths" due to their power and fame. Logan fought back in a humor video titled "Dear Shane Dawson...", which explained that the term he may be looking for is "sociopathic tendences" as opposed to "sociopath." 

“A lot of (YouTubers), me included, will do some stuff that lacks empathy strictly for views,” he stated. “It gets us views, which gets us subscribers. Our motivating factor is to reach the next level.”

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