FIFA 19 Career Mode & Pro Clubs Guide

Ford James,

October 2, 2018 5:05 PM

Want help with your FIFA 19 Career Mode? Need some tips for Pro Clubs? Here's our FIFA 19 guide on both Career Mode and Pro Clubs.

FIFA 19 has launched and while there aren't many changes to the Career Mode this time around, there's a lot still to be learnt. Namely regarding the best young players to sign: whether you're after the next David de Gea, future Lionel Messi or tomorrow's Paul Pogba, we've covered all of the best young players in FIFA 19 with the highest potential. 

On top of that, we'll also have some tips for Pro Clubs coming very soon so you can be the star of the team when playing online or with your friends. If you're looking for Ultimate Team guides, make sure you check out our hub for everything FIFA 19 Ultimate Team here including how to complete various Squad Building Challenges and how to earn coins quickly.

Quick Tips


Hold R1/RB to call for a second man

Hold X/A to contain, similar to a defending autopilot

Hold L2/LT to change your player's stance


Press triangle/Y to play a through ball into space

Press L1/LB + X/A at the same time for the player passing the ball to instantly make a run

Press R3 to flick the ball up


Best Young Players

Best Young Goalkeepers

Best Young Defenders

Best Young Midfielders

Best Young Forwards

How To Build Your Pro For Each Position

Pro Clubs Tips


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