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Tina, Bass, Mila Join Dead Or Alive 6 Character Roster

Team Ninja is bringing The Muscle to Dead Or Alive 6. Wrestlers Tina and Bass are joining the roster alongside MMA fighter Mila with a gameplay video showing off all three hard-hitting additions to the DOA6 roster.

A day after Team Ninja teased an announcement for Dead or Alive 6, they’ve come correct with three new combatants filled to the gills with machismo. Wrestlers Tina and Bass and MMA fighter Mila were showcased in a new gameplay trailer with a new electric wrestling ring to go with the brash and bombastic warriors.

The announcement was made quite early in the morning on October 5, 2018 via the official DOA Twitter. The trailer gets right into it with Bass and Tina showing off their apparent new team “The Muscle” before we get a look at all of their wrestling prowess. Tina is rocking a more acrobatic luchador style with moves like twisting hurricanrana while Bass is rocking a more brutish arsenal of clotheslines, big boots, and wall pinning throws. It isn’t long before Mila makes her entrance, utilizing a collection of Muay Thai-inspired kicks and punches. You can see all of it in the new Dead or Alive 6 gameplay trailer below.

Aside from the arrival of Tina, Bass, and Mila, a lavish new arena makes its debut in the form of the wrestling ring. Set among the glitz and glam of spotlights and neon, and among a crowd hungry for carnage, this new Dead Or Alive 6 arena features a squared circle walled in with electric ropes. Knocking foes up against the ropes will not only allow you to combo them up, but serve up what looks like a lively charge of electricity for extra damage. It’ll be a simple, yet effective arena to serve up pain between opponents with a spectacle to match the pro-wrestling pedigree of DOA6’s new roster additions.

Dead or Alive 6 is set to launch on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 15, 2019. To get the latest news and info, stay tuned to our coverage here, or check out the Dead or Alive Twitter and Facebook.

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(Featured Image by Koei Tecmo)

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