FIFA 19: Pro Clubs Tips And Be A Pro Guide

Ford James,

October 5, 2018 12:35 PM

Created your pro for FIFA 19 Pro Clubs and looking for assistance with the gameplay? Follow our top FIFA 19 Pro Clubs tips for when you're on the pitch.

Starting a FIFA 19 Pro Club with your pals or jumping into some drop-in matches? The gameplay is vastly different to a normal game of FIFA 19 since you can only control your pro. If you want the edge over your opponents and to be the star player on your FIFA 19 Pro Clubs team, make sure you follow these FIFA 19 Pro Clubs tips.

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Manage your stamina

It can be tempting in FIFA Pro Clubs to be a workhorse and get involved in every play possible. The problem with that is sprinting up and down the pitch all game will drain your stamina incredibly quickly. There’s nothing worse than chasing after a through ball in the 70th minute but you stagger and pull a muscle, leaving you basically useless for the remainder of the game.

Manage your runs, only chase the ball when you know it’s worth it. If you can keep a reserve until the tail end of the game, you’ll have the advantage over your opponents who are lacking in stamina. You can’t do your job well if you’re out of breath all the time!

Stick to your position

In this scenario, getting further into the box would've meant I was out of position.

On a similar note, it’s important to remember your position and stick to it. If you have a high stamina stat, you can free roam somewhat but if you’re a left winger and your opponents have the ball by your right corner flag, don’t chase them down.

You’ll fare much better by sticking to your position - in that scenario, between your box and the halfway line on the left side - so you can make a run as soon as your team win the ball back. A counter attack is only effective if you’re in the right position to receive the ball.

Don’t call for the ball every time

Marking this player meant he wasn't in a good position to call for the ball.

If you’re playing with some AI players on your team, you can press a button to call for the ball and ask for them to pass to you. It’s very tempting to press it non-stop but there’s a number of reasons to consider… not doing that.

Firstly, it disrupts the flow of the game and the AI passing system. Let them pass the ball about and only call for it when you’re in space and can create a good opportunity. Calling constantly can also interrupt your teammates calls, which obviously won’t pan out well if they’re in a better position than you.

Pass it about, don’t run with it

Focus on passing it about before going on ambitious runs.

There’s nothing sweeter than a mazy run past five players before slotting the ball home after faking out the goalkeeper. The problem is that for every 10 of those you attempt, only one will ever be successful. The key to unlocking a defence and scoring goals is to pass. Knock the ball around in front of their box and you’ll eventually find a way through.

Keep making space for yourself and if you spot another player making a run behind the defence, play it through to them and watch for the offside trap. Don’t rely on lofted through balls though because they become easy to predict and unless you time it perfectly, they’re very easy to defend against. Use your teammates, work as a cohesive unit rather than trying to be a solo superstar.

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