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League of Legends 2018 All-Star Event Announced

Details have been released of the 2018 All-Star event, and the action is coming to Las Vegas baby!

Another year is nearly concluded, and while the 2018 League of Legends World Championships are only just starting to heat up, that hasn’t stopped Riot Games from looking to the future. In an announcement made earlier today, Riot Games has revealed that the 2018 All-Star event will be taking place in Las Vegas, at the celebrated Esports Arena.

Running from December 6th to December 8th, the event is set to feature a series of challenges to enjoy, such as the All-Star 1v1 Tournament, Charity 2v2 Tournament, Regional Rivalry Show Matches, East vs West Bo5, and more.

Participants of the event will include pro players voted in by fans, League Partners (streamers, prominent LoL community members, etc.) from each region, and selected pro players picked by Riot Games after the fan votes. Here are the guidelines for picking players to attend the event:

Fans will vote for two pros from their regional league to send to All-Star

Pros will eligible in the region which they played during the most recent competitive split

Pool of eligible candidates will be limited to 20 of the most prominent pros from each region

At least one pro from each team and at least two pros of each role will be included in the pool of candidates

Fans may cast votes for other regions as well, however, foreign votes will be weighted to make up no more than 20% of the total vote within any given region

Top 2 vote-getters (regardless of team or role) in each region will be invited to participate in All-Star

Standings updates will be provided daily on LoL Esports social channels

For more on current League of Legends news, check out the early opening of the 2018 Worlds Pick’em Challenge, here.

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