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Kripparrian Receives Call From Aquaman During Hearthstone Stream

The famous DC superhero left a message for Kripp during a Hearthstone stream. He requested a donation from Kripp, a donation of something Kripp has far too much of.

Kripparrian is one of Hearthstone’s longest running and most successful streamers. He doesn’t participate in many tournaments anymore, instead preferring to stream Arena gameplay, but fans love the Romanian for his high level gameplay, analysis of cards and most importantly, how salty he can become.

During a stream sponsored by Ting, a US-based cell phone company and internet service provider, Kripp allowed messages to be left for him. He’d listen to each message on stream, so fans could tell him what they thought. As it turns out, Aquaman is a huge fan of Kripp too - and needs his help.

“Kripp, this is Aquaman, King of the Seas, and I need your help,” began the message. “The salinity of our oceans has reached an all-time low and only you, with your incredible salt output, can restore them to their proper levels. The fate of countless species of fish and other marine life rests in your scrawny, vegan hands. Lend me your aid and I will reveal the ancient Atlantian cure for male pattern baldness. Aquaman out!”

Anyone who watches Kripparrian regularly knows that being salty at the game is his thing. Being beaten in Arena? His opponent drafted the perfect deck and drew perfectly. Played against someone that played around his cards? He’s being stream sniped. It’s become an ongoing joke on his channel, perfectly represented by the message everyone’s favorite aquatic superhero left.

The person imitating Aquaman also left two more messages. One where he pretended to be the lead developer on Artifact, Valve’s upcoming DotA themed card game: “Hey Kripp, how’s it going? It’s Tanner. I’m now the lead developer for Artifact, just wondering when you’re gonna delete… uh, release your video about how good my game is. Gotta go to the gym, see ya! 4Head.”

The second went as follows: “Hi Kripp, I just wanted to say I’m a really big fan and watching you play Arena makes me want to be a better person… hah, just kidding you gullible idiot! It’s Tanner. I’m still banging your high school crush boy. The gym awaits! See ya loser.”

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