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OpTic General Manager Romain Bigeard Has Left the Organization

After joining to run the League of Legends team last year, Romain has today announced his departure from the org.

OpTic Gaming’s General Manager for League of Legends, Romain Bigeard, has today announced he is leaving the organization due to conflicting opinions about the future of the LoL department. “Due to a difference of opinion regarding the future of the LoL department, I’m parting ways with OpTic Gaming,” Bigeard said in his announcement on Twitter. “I’m now a free agent.”

This news comes just days after a recent episode of Beyond the Rift, a popular League of Legends podcast hosted by notable LoL personalities Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana and William "Scarra" Li, in which Scarra hinted that there were several teams in the NA LCS who were potentially looking to leave the franchise and put their teams up for sale. While no teams were named during the segment, this is not the only loss OpTic Gaming has suffered in the past few days, with AD Carry Noh “Arrow” Dong-hyeon also announcing that he is leaving the roster and looking for a new team.

Romain originally made his name in the League of Legends scene as the manager for the EU LCS team, the Unicorns of Love. His popularity grew as he embraced the role as hype-man for the team, frequently appearing at events in costumes to drum up support, a practice he brought with him to OpTic Gaming in the NA LCS. OpTic’s struggle in the NA LCS is well known in the scene, as they found victories few and far between. Were it not for the changing of the format to a franchised league, OpTic would likely have already stared down the barrel of at least one relegation series. At this stage, no teams have made any intention to sell their spot in the NA LCS public, if such intentions exist, however fans are certainly beginning to question the state of the league.

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