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Houston Outlaws Coach Released Amid Infinite Esports Layoffs

It seems the troubles for Infinite Esports / OpTic Gaming are more widespread than previously thought.

Polarizing coach Kyle “KyKy” Souder revealed that he was released from the Houston Outlaws Overwatch League team earlier today on Twitter. He is apparently not the only one being released at this time, with other staff also leaving the organization. “Just informed that I am also one of the many people being let go from Infinite/OpTic/Outlaws,” Souder tweeted. “I’ve turned down many opportunities to remain loyal to one organization but am now a free agent looking for a fresh start.”

Souder had previously coached Team Envy and the Dallas Fuel before making the leap to the Houston Outlaws earlier this year. Souder’s release from the organization also comes at a time when the parent org, OpTic Gaming, has lost its general manager Romain Bigeard, who announced his resignation from the team earlier today citing a “difference of opinion” regarding the future of the team. additionally, OpTic Gaming’s AD Carry, Noh “Arrow” Dong-hyeon also announced earlier this week that he is planning to leave the team and look for new opportunities. League of Legends analyst Ian “Surza” Lux also revealed on Twitter earlier this month that he was being released form the organization.

In September, Ali Saba, director of international development at Infinite Esports & Entertainment, announced that he was leaving the company as well. What this all means for OpTic Gaming, the Houston Outlaws, and Infinite Esports, remains unclear at this time, however mass layoffs and staff departures are never a good sign in the esports scene. Speculation about the troubles the organizations were undergoing arose earlier this month when the Overwatch Contenders team, GG Esports Academy, reportedly bowed out of the Contenders Trials tournament, with the remaining teams being given a free win due to their absence.

For now, OpTic Gaming, Infinite Esports, and the Houston Outlaws have yet to comment on these departures.

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