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PlayStation Platinum World Record Holder Unlocks New Kind Of Trophy

Do you think you have a lot of Platinum trophies on PlayStation Network? Sit down because this guy has you (and everyone else) beat.

The race for the highest Platinum Trophy count is on! Guinness World Records has officially recognized Bahrain local Hakam Karim, known as his PlayStation username Hakoom, as the official record holder for the most Platinums on PSN.

What does this mean? Platinum Trophies are obtained when someone unlocks all bronze, silver, and gold trophies first. This means that a game has to be 100% before they get platinum. When Hakoom was awarded the certificate, verified on September 19, 2018, he had 1,691. As of writing, he already has 1,719, just under three weeks later. And yet, he’s got Roughdawg4 on his tail at 1,713.

We reached out to Hakoom and got some words with him about the situation and what work has gone into being the best at getting platinum trophies. Where did he start? What goes into a day-to-day for this to work?

"I have been a gamer since childhood,” Karim stated. “I started trophy hunting as soon as Sony implemented the trophy patch, with Super Stardust HD being my first 100% completion and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune being my first platinum. The speed I am going at is not hard to achieve if you know which games to play. For instance, if you notice, some games just takes 10 minutes up to an hour to 'plat' nowadays, and they stack, meaning you can play it three or six extra times between PS4 and PS Vita (for a single game)."

Even as he possesses the record, PSN Trophy hunter Roughdawg4 keeps him on his toes. "It's been like this for the past 6 years,” he explained. “He sometimes gets ahead of me with 'plats' for few weeks and then I take the lead again. But, platinum trophies doesn't decide who's first on the leaderboards, nor the total trophies. It's the total amount of PSN points collected which decides this. So, even if he passes me with platinums, I will still remain 'rank 1'. I have also applied for two more certificates: most trophies and most PSN points."

When you have over 1,700 fully completed games under your belt, there must be some low-hanging fruit to be picked. A lot of the games on the list aren’t difficult to get, but it would be a waste to not grab them for the record. “Games released by Ratalaika company (are the easiest). For example, Jack N Jill DX, Full Blast, and Super Destronaut are games that can be completed in seven to fifteen minutes. They are also pretty fun to play, too. On PSN, they also stack six times total: three on PS4 and three on Vita. So, that's a lot of platinums you can unlock in just a single day."

Sometimes a game just won’t let you finish no matter what you do, between a later patch, a bug in the game, or even post-launch DLC to add new features. A game can be so close to completion and there’s just no hope in getting there. “On a daily basis, I have to go through frustration with some games that always bug or glitch on me. It always happens to me! There are two types of games which can frustrate you. It all depends on the trophies. First off, I have given up on some games because the trophies glitched on me and the company doesn’t want to patch them. One of those games is the PS4 version of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2. I am stuck at 98% and cannot unlock the last trophy because it’s glitched.”

“Another company, (SKONEC Entertainment), implemented a patch and ruined a platinum for me,” Hakoom stated. “It was a VR game called Mortal Blitz. The trophy says ‘Clear all missions on all difficulties’ which wasn’t bad to do. But, they patched a DLC into the game which added a new difficulty making it super hard to get. I hope they can fix this error on their side because DLC should not affect main game trophies. But, I will try to get them again. I’m not giving up.”

Not all of the games in his quest are easy either. Just because there’s quick grabs to be taken doesn’t mean that there isn’t some quality content and long hours to put into others. “A game can be really nice and epic but the trophies are frustrating to get. For example, I enjoyed playing Mount and Blade. I loved the game, but the trophies where super frustrating and hard (to get). I finally got the ‘plat’ and it felt good! On the other hand, Kane and Lynch 2 was a horrible game and the trophies where even more horrible to get. I have to play a lot of garbage games, but I try to finish them all if I can.”

“My highest priorities for now are the easy and fast games, of course, so I can keep my rank,” he continued. “But, I also play some hard games and some longer games from time to time. If you check my profile, I have platinumed games above 100 hours, like Neverwinter, Mount and Blade, Injustice, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter V, and so on.”

But, what if he just can’t hit his mark in a game? “100% (on a game) is always welcomed,” he smiled, “but I don’t sweat over it. For example, say I 100% a game and then after two months, they release a DLC. The game drops from 100% to 70% or 80%. If I can manage it, I’ll do it. But, if not, and I see that it’s not worth it, then I just leave it be.”

What kind of storage does he keep to have so many games to play? What about leisure games? He explained that it’s not all business. Sometimes, he plays games for fun like fighting games with friends. “Other than that, once I finish a game, it’s deleted off my system.” So, that’s how he saves space.

But, how does he afford this adventure to be the best? Clearly, he must have sunk a lot of money to make this work. “If you want the truth,” he said, “and it might sound crazy, but outside of the systems themselves, I haven’t spent more than $1000 on games from my own pocket. Most of the games, I share from friends which support me and some I rent.”

“What I mean by ‘not from my own pocket’ is that sometimes people are stuck in a game and ask me for help. So, I try to help them. But, it’s not free of charge of course. That money I earn from them goes into buying more games because I consider this money to be ‘not from my pocket’.”

For those that want to follow in his footsteps, he recommends to make the journey into platinum a bit more crowdsourced. “If someone wants a lot of games platinumed, start renting and sharing games with friends.”

“Never give up because everything is possible even with a low %. I usually keep trying and trying until I nail it or I try to watch some YouTube clips to learn something. Also, use guides from trophy websites. But, never give up! If you can’t do it now, do it tomorrow.”

This isn’t the first time he’s been in the news. But, the recognition from getting an official world record is what has renewed his motivation. “A year ago, I said that I want to end it everyday because I am just too addicted to it and I was not getting any recognition which made me sad. Now that I got the Guinness World Record, I take all that back! I am more fired up than before and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. I will aim to break more records and impress my fans and friends even more now.”

Does he plan on throwing in the towel anytime soon? He doesn’t think so. “The sky's the limit! Just for a reference, I have not played or platinumed even 40% of the available games on the PlayStation. There is over 6000 games to play between a plat and just a 100%. As long as my hands and arms are strong, I will not stop even if I was still hunting 50 years from today!”

For someone that’s played so many PlayStation games, he must have some favorites by now. He gushed over his love for PlayStation exclusives. “For this generation, I have enjoyed God of War the most, followed by The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the Uncharted series. Most of Sony’s exclusive games are just light years ahead of the competition, so I always enjoy them.”

Source: PSN Trophy Leaders
Source: PSN Trophy Leaders

The need to be the best takes motivation and perseverance. He likens the competition to a sport and it keeps him driven towards staying at the top of this leaderboard. "This is like any Olympic sport,” Hakoom compared. “The world record is just fractions of a second ahead and can be passed anytime. So, it's the same with me. As long as I keep gaming, I will try as much as I can to stay ahead."

Let’s hope he can keep holding out as his rival gets ever closer to beating him on a near daily basis. This is no different than other world record holders that want to keep themselves on top, such as Lonnie McDonald and his continuous quest for the classic arcade game Joust. Check him out and then check out Hakoom’s Twitter and Instagram to follow his everlasting journey.

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