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Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide - How to Access the Shattered Throne

The "dungeon" of Destiny 2: Forsaken, the Shattered Throne, rewards high-level players with powerful gear should they be able to traverse the area's dangers. Learn how to access the Shattered Throne and get your Power level up!

Of all the new features Bungie has added to Destiny 2: Forsaken, one of the absolute coolest is the Shattered Throne. This high-level end-game area tests Guardians' mettle and rewards the triumphant with powerful gear. While accessing the area isn't plainly obvious at first glance, a little bit of exploration will get Guardians there and let them start plowing through the content to get their hands on its loot. 

How to Reach the Shattered Throne

Getting to the Shattered Throne requires players to navigate the interconnecting maze of tunnels that can be found under the Dreaming City. The Confluence is the center hub of those tunnels, which houses a massive portal on maximum curse week that just looks like someone lost a fight a slime monster the rest of the time. 

In order to reach the Confluence, and find the Shattered Throne, start at the Divalian Mists fast travel point, then follow the canyon forward and then left through the blue crystal cave. You'll eventually wind up at the Spine of Keres, where the Oracle is located.

Jump across the gaps until the first arena is reached, and instead of going straight toward the Oracle and observatory building, hug the left wall to find a bridge leading off to the side. Don't go across the bridge, but drop off the right-hand side to find a path leading down into a cave. Go through the portal in the cave to enter the underground labyrinth.

Continue through to the central chamber - the Confluence. Go straight ahead and into the large open room to spot a gigantic portal, and in front of it, Sedia the Techeun. You don't have to speak with Sedia, but she does offer some interesting quips. 

Approach the Ascendant portal to find the quest banner for the Shattered Throne dungeon. You will need to bring two friends with you, and the three of you need to be at least 560 Power to even deal damage to the foes inside. Succeeding will more than likely require an average Power level of about 580, give or take a few levels based on the player's skill. 

Now that you're here, it's time to actually do the dungeon. Check out how to navigate your way through the Shattered Throne and get your sweet, sweet loot here. 

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