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Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide - How to Complete the Shattered Throne

Now that you've found the Shattered Throne, it's time to complete it and get that sweet, sweet loot. Jump in Guardian, the water's just fine.

So you found your way to the Shattered Throne and are now waiting to jump in and get your feet wet with Taken goo. Fear not, Guardian, we'll have your back as you traverse Destiny 2: Forsaken's newest end-game encounter. Like we said previously, make sure you and your two friends have an adequate Power level of around 580-590 before entering, or risk not being strong enough to defeat the enemies within the Shattered Throne and come up empty handed. Anything less than 3 580+ characters will no doubt result in failure. 

How to Complete the Shattered Throne Dungeon

Team Builds

Before you even enter the dungeon, an ideal Fireteam for this event consists of a Nightstalker Hunter, Sunbreaker Titan, and a Well of Radiance or Dawnblade Warlock. These classes provide the best abilities suited for this event - crowd control, add clearing, Resilience, and damage. That being said, your best geared characters & classes (should you have a class-specific Exotic that boosts your Power level to adequate totals) are more important than having the "right" team concept. 

Into the Dungeon

The first area players will encounter within the Shattered Throne is Erebus, a city in ruin. Once the Darkness zone emblem pops up, the encounter has started. Be careful not to die, as your deaths will incur a 40 second respawn time, and wiping resets the encounter. The goal here is to "Search for a safe passage," but you won't find that for a moment. Instead, observe that the area is split into four distinct sections. There is the first building in the center, The Ingress, a tower to one side call the Temple of the Infinite, a tower to another side called the Tower of the Deep, and another called the Tower of the Sky. Twisting between these three towers are a series of paths and named areas. All of these sections have a certain symbol stamped onto the wall. Pay attention to these - they'll matter soon enough.

"Burninating the people"

Upon entering the Ingress, enemies will spawn with an enemy called the Labyrinth Architect, a giant Taken Hobgoblin/Knight looking thing. Clearing the field causes a symbol to appear. Now, players must find that symbol within the rest of the buildings. As a crash course, here's a crude list of where the symbols match up: 

  • Dragon: the left tower
  • Figure 8-shaped Snake: the very back of the center building
  • U-shaped Snake: middle of the center building
  • Curled Fish: in the courtyard in front of the right tower
  • Spinning Fish: in the lower area under the rest of the map - between the Dragon and the Figure-8 Snake
  • Bird:  in the rightmost tower

You'll know you're in the correct building if there are enemies, so if you're alone, keep on looking. Eventually, you'll see the Flying Bird symbol, which will bring you back to the beginning. Clear the last wave of enemies to unlock a drop down to the next challenge.

The Descent

Sometimes, it really is that easy. Follow the path laid before them, then drop off the stairs to the platforms below and fight back up the other side. Push through the Taken through the area, and continue on.You'll then reach a set of stairs that lead to rafters at the top of a giant room. Use the interconnecting rafters to move from the entrance to the left side of the room. Hallowed Ogres will spawn try to push players off the thin beams. Some junctions will be blocked entirely by Taken blights and spinning orbs, simply use the alternate track or jump by them to continue. Landing on the other side completes this section of the Shattered Throne, but...

Upon entering the next section of the throne, the goal and the setting will change dramatically. Moving through the film will leave players in a series of hallways full of Taken Thrall and completely unable to run, double-jump, or heal. The challenge is to reach the end of the hallway. Good luck with this at low Power levels, as even powerful players will struggle with this portion of the encounter. Do your best to stay elevated to avoid the unending waves of Thrall. If you brought one, this might be a good time to use your Warlock’s Healing Rift. Clear the area by walking through the hallway and jumping over the misty ledge.

Next, players must cross a large chasm full of Taken portals and Taken Phalanx. Obviously, these will try to push you off your ledge and kill you, so slowly move your way along the ledge, avoid being pushed off, and locate the doorway that leads inside. You'll now have to test your jumping skills and move your way up the inside of the cliff. Jump over to the next area and fight up the stairs.

Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger

Next, players will move into Eleusinia, where they'll meet a massive Taken Ogre named Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger. The only hint given is to "overcome" the Keeper of Petitions, which of course translates to "kill everything." Specifically the four Keeper of Petitions Wizards. Players must then collect the debuffs they drop, and use them to extinguish the buttons around Vorgeth. Once a flame has been extinguished, Vorgeth’s shield will drop, which is your cue to shoot the big guy. You'll quickly notice that the area is relatively barren of much cover, so your best bet will be to stay close to your comrades throughout the fight. Don't stand too close, though, and risk a wipe due to poor positioning. 

When the Wizards spawn, they bring two Taken Vandals and two Taken Goblins with them. The best strategy for the first part of the fight is to ignore the Wizards completely and circle around the room, clearing the basic enemies, as the Vandals deal massive damage, and the Goblins often protect them. Once the enemies are cleared, players should focus fire the Wizards one at a time and collecting the Petitioner’s Mark debuff.

The Petitioner’s Mark debuff stacks up to four times and has a counter that ticks down from 45 seconds. If the counter hits zero, the player will die. Every time a Petitioner’s Mark is collected, the counter will reset to 45 seconds. If a player dies while holding a Petitioner’s Mark, they will lose all stacks of the debuff. The aim is to get at least one player to Petition’s Mark x4, at which point the debuff will change to Petitioner’s Burden, allowing them to extinguish one flame. Confusing, yes. Necessary? Absolutely. 

As soon as the flame is extinguished, players will need to focus fire on Vorgeth, dealing as much damage as possible. While Vorgeth’s shields are down, it will send out a swarm of homing Taken bombs that will need to be shot out of the sky or avoided.

If Vorgeth isn’t defeated the first time his shield drops, players will need to repeat the process of clearing enemies, killing Wizards, collecting the debuff, and removing Vorgeth’s shield again, so use your most powerful Heavy weapons to burn him down quickly. With Vorgeth defeated, players will receive a Powerful Gear drop. Approach the statue holding the bow, listen to the dialogue and then run past the statue to continue the Shattered Throne dungeon.

Follow the step decline down to four low-level Wizards around a lift. Clear out the enemies and head up the lift to find another hallway full of enemies. This entire area consists of killing enemies, pressing onward, going up lifts, and killing more enemies. Eventually, your mission will change to “Ascend” and players will be lead outside to creep along a ledge with a lot of Taken push portals. Take your time through this segment - there's no rush! It's better to slowly navigate this area than try and speed through and die a bunch. You'll probably do plenty of dying upon reaching the top, and challenging the final boss of the Shattered Throne.

Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return

Meet Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return, a high-ranking Hive Wizard accompanied by three high-ranking Hive Knights that take on the appearance of the Abyssal Knights from the Ascendant challenges. The fight takes place in a claustrophobia arena that will test players’ ability to manage enemy spawns, deal with relentless hostiles, and time the collection of buffs.

Very ominous.

The fight starts with players killing the Knights, who drop a buff that allows players to deal damage to Dul Incaru. Though the buff allows players to deal damage, it will also kill them when the timer reaches zero unless they remove it by standing on the central platform. When the Knights’ health drops, Dul Incaru will summon a crystal to shield the Knights, signaled by on-screen text. Destroying the crystal removes their shields but also summons two groups of Taken Psions. When a Knight dies, it will respawn after roughly 60 seconds. Hastily killing the Knights, then their crystals, then the Psions, is essential to survival. The Knights only have melee attacks, so keeping them at bay should be easy enough at first. Upon shooting their helmet off, the Knight will gain speed and charge at the offending player, so be sure to drop it quickly. 

The waves of Taken Psions will always spawn on the two ledges that surround the arena. Did you bring that Nightstalker? If so, use a Shadowshot tether to keep them locked down, or use your Dawnblade’s Super to clear the room. If you didn't bring either, use whatever ranged Super you have to quickly kill enemies. When trying to deal with the Knights, tethering them forces the Knights to disappear for a few seconds, though they can still take damage as they are disappearing. Use the back balcony as a safe point, as the pillars can be used to block damage and kite enemies around. Make good use of the pillars to avoid running through the middle and drawing too much attention from the enemies.

Try to burn down the Knights concurrently rather than consecutively, as collecting three of the Finite Thought buffs allows players to deal more damage compared to just a single buff. As the timer grows lower, make sure you move to that center platofrm or risk dying. 

While the Finite Thought buff is active, focus on dealing as much damage to Dul Incaru as possible. Using a Warlock’s Well of Radiance or Empowering Rift would be a good idea here. Keep in mind that any Knights left alive will still pursue the player, interfering with any damage that they might be able to deal to their boss. This is why it’s a good idea to kill all three Knights and collect their buffs before attacking the Dul Incaru.

Continue damaging the Knights, destroying the crystals, clearing enemies, and damaging Dul Incaru until she finally dies. You'll receive a Powerful Gear drop for your efforts, and can tell all your friends and people on Reddit you cleared the Shattered Throne. 

If you still want to play Destiny after that, it might be a good idea to jump into Gambit and finally get that Malfeasance quest done. Check out how to get one of the sickest Hand Cannons in the game here! 

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