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Fortnite Skull Trooper & Skull Ranger Available In-Game Now

The Skull Trooper - the truest of OG skins - has returned to the Fortnite store, three weeks before Halloween. And now he's got a female counterpart called Skull Ranger!

Until this point, anyone who has a Skull Trooper skin has either been playing since the game launched over a year ago, or bought an account with the skin on. Either way, the Skull Trooper has been viewed by the community as one of the rarest and most desired skins, despite it actually being rather average. With the re-release of the skin in the shop and its Skull Ranger female equivalent, that’s no longer the case.

The Skull Squad gear is available in the shop right now! Image courtesy of /u/FortniteBRMods on Reddit.

Skull Trooper is back for 1,500 V-Bucks and he comes with an unlockable style. The bones on his skin light up green, like they’re glow in the dark. There’s also the Skull Ranger skin - a female version which uses the Ramirez body as a base. Both skins are part of the Skull Squad set, which comes with the Skull Sickle pickaxe and the Crypt Cruiser glider.

It’s worth noting that the Skull Ranger skin is only 1,200 V-Bucks - 300 cheaper than the Skull Trooper. That’s likely because the Skull Trooper comes with challenges to complete that unlock an exclusive backbling. Called the Ghost Portal, check the image below for the challenges and what it looks like. To confirm, Skull Ranger does not come with the backbling or the challenges.

It'll take a while to unlock the Ghost Portal back bling but it'll be worth it. 

If you owned the Skull Trooper prior to it returning to the shop, you get to keep your OG status because you have an exclusive style. Along with being painted white or green, you can also opt for purple so everyone will know you are a true OG Fortnite master. Joining the Skull Squad items in the shop is the Wukong set, the Space Explorers set, the Wreck Raider skin, Garrison skin, Waterworks emote and Infinite Dab emote. In other Fortnite news, check out how the console squad kill record has been broken with an incredible 61 kills.

Header image courtesy of Epic Games.

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