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A Wild Meltan Appeared! New Details On The New Mythical Pokemon Emerge

Two videos came out from The Pokemon Company and Niantic, explaining more detail on how to obtain the Mythical Meltan in Pokemon Go, as well as Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Go players were treated to a surprise tease during September’s community day. A mysterious Pokemon, ???, started showing up for just 30-minutes after Chikorita’s big day. Many fans initially thought the Pokemon was a glitch, but The Pokemon Company quickly put out the first episode of “The Two Professors” to show it was a new pokemon named Meltan just afterward. Well, today brought two incredibly informative videos to help pave the way for Pokemon #891.

The animated video series had Professor Willow (the Professor of Pokemon Go) talking to Professor Oak (from the mainline series and the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go games) about the occurrence. Other than basic details about the Pokemon, like the name and the Steel typing, not much was available from official channels. Datamining found that the Pokemon may be the 891st Pokemon in the series, making it clear that at least 84 new species were planned for next year’s core 8th generation game. It was known that Meltan would be able to be obtained in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, but the means were not explained at the time.

Today's Episode 2 of “The Two Professors” centers around a Mystery Box that had a “rusty, metal lump” in it. Once brought out to the wilderness and opened, “a wild Meltan appeared”, which attracted more Meltan to its location.

When Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee was announced, they teased this. Source: Pokemon
When Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee was announced, they teased this. Source: Pokemon

According to Serebii, the Mystery Box is given when sending a Pokemon from Go to Let’s Go. Once opened, it makes Meltan available to be captured for around 30-minutes. Think of it like an Essence or Lure in the game, but specifically for Meltan. After the time is up, the box closes (as shown in the Two Professors video) and players have to wait. Sending another Pokemon from Go to Let’s Go will grant another box, but it’s unclear what the time stipulations are just yet. Additionally, Meltan will be involved with the Special Research missions within Pokemon Go this Winter. Details are scarce outside of this.

When Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee was initially announced, a teaser for a “Special Pokemon” was shown to involve Pokemon Go with the Let’s Go games, so this may be the gift mentioned.

Additionally, there was a second non-animated video that came out at the same time, but treating Meltan as if it were actually in the real world. A Pokemon researcher is writing notes about the Mythical Pokemon. The video is meant to be a cute little introduction to the Pokemon, but it’s the end that brings up the best detail: Meltan seems to evolve. The sound it makes is not a normal evolution sound, but the silhouette shown is clearly a larger Pokemon that has Meltan’s head shape that formed from several Meltan being next to each other.

With Gen 4 coming to Pokemon Go very soon and Beldum Community Day this month, there’s a lot to take in coming into the final few months of the year for Pokemon. Meltan is just another addition to that growing list.

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