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Fortnite Leaked Skins Include Plague Doctor & Hollowhead

Today's Fortnite patch has revealed a lot of new upcoming skins including a Plague Doctor set and Halloween themed pumpkin heads.

Today’s Fortnite patch saw the introduction of the Quad Launcher; a rocket launcher that can hold four rockets at once and fires them in quick succession. We’re yet to see the true impact of the new gun on the meta but that’s not all from the patch. There’s also the new Disco Domination LTM where players have to dance on disco floors to capture points. And of course, there’s been a bunch of new cosmetics leaked. From skins to emotes, here’s everything datamined in the latest Fortnite patch.

Fortnite Leaked Skins

As you can see in the image above, the Skull Ranger has already released and is actually in the shop right now alongside the Skull Trooper. There’s also Plague and Scourge; male and female variants of a traditional Plague Doctor outfit. They’re our favorite - the male looks badass. They’re Epic so should cost 1,500 V-Bucks each.

Underneath the Skull Ranger is a skin called Bullseye. With pink hair and a bullseye on her chest, she’s a pretty awesome skin, especially for just 800 V-Bucks. Finally, there’s Hollowhead and Jack Gourdon -  two characters with pumpkins on their head. The former has glowing blue eyes and looks incredibly menacing, while Jack Gourdon is wearing a pumpkin-themed suit and looks quite unhappy. These are Epic so they’ll cost 1,500 V-Bucks each.

Fortnite Leaked Gliders

There’s only one new glider - the top one (that’s duplicated for some reason) is called the Crypt Cruiser and is in the shop right now. The bottom one is called Lamplight and is rare, so it should cost 800 V-Bucks. It’s most likely part of the same set as Plague and Scourge.

Fortnite Leaked Backblings

There’s three new backblings this time around. Dismal Cape is the one in the top left, described as “black as night”. The next one is the Mouldering Cloak, while the bottom one is Arcanum. We reckon the Dismal Cape and Arcanum ones go with Plague and Scourge, while Mouldering Cloak belongs to Hollowhead.

Fortnite Leaked Pickaxes

Only two new ones again, as the Skull Sickle - the bottom one - goes with the Skull Squad items in the store right now. Carver is the top left one, while the top right is Herald’s Wand. They’re both rare so should be 800 V-Bucks each.

Fortnite Leaked Emotes

Finally, we have the emotes. Four new ones this time: Behold!, which is described as “Look at this.” There’s Sprinkler which says “Sprinkled with style”, Headbanger, “Bang your head against the air” and Electro Swing, “Brand new groove, old school swing.” No footage of the leaked emotes in action yet but we’ll be sure to post when there is.

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