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Fortnite Patch v6.02 Introduces Quad Launcher & Disco Domination LTM

The Quad Launcher is here with the release of Fortnite Update v6.02, along with the Disco Domination LTM and some other smaller changes.

Another week, another Fortnite update. This time, in patch v6.02, the Quad Launcher has been introduced. A rocket launcher that shoots four rockets in quick succession, it’s available in Epic and Legendary variants, dealing 80/84 damage per rocket respectively. It also has a 300 unit explosion radius and can be found in chests, supply drops and vending machines - no floor loot spawns for this bad boy.

We don’t know how the new Quad Launcher is going to affect the Fortnite meta yet but this clip from Dakotaz shows that it’s pretty damn powerful.

There’s also the official video Epic released for the gun which shows how destructive it can be against structures.

Other inclusions with this patch is the brand new Disco Domination LTM. It’s 32v32 and respawning is enabled until the final storm circle. There’s five dance floors on the map and you need to emote on the dance floors to capture it for your team. That will start to fill your team’s Dance Bar on the HUD - the first team to completely fill their Dance Bar wins the game. It’s got the same mechanics as Soaring 50’s so you can deploy your glider whenever you jump off somewhere, but you can’t build on the dance floors. You can only build around them to protect them.

The update is also full of loot drop rate adjustments. There’s too many to list here but a few examples are the common Pistol has been reduced from 5.8% to 5.47%, the Epic Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle has increased from 0.33% to 0.42%, and the Legendary Guided Missile has increased from 0.03% to 0.05%. Alongside those changes, Bonesy now barks less than before and some console hitches have been fixed. You can find the full list of changes and fixes here on the official site.

As always with Fortnite patches, a bunch of new skins get leaked and you can see all of the datamined cosmetics and emotes here. Alongside those, the Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger skins are currently in the shop - check them out here.

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