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Fortnite Mixer Matchup & North American Championship Announced

It would appear some new Fortnite competition is on the horizon and every Fortnite crew in North America has a chance to prove their mettle for a cash prize from Mixer and Microsoft.

As Fortnite continues to find its ground in esports competition with the likes of the Fall Skirmish and more, organizations continue to raise the stakes in the scene to allow would-be pros to prove their worth. Mixer and Microsoft are the latest to join the fray, bringing forth the Mixer Matchup and Microsoft Store North American Championship to allow Fortnite Royale Squads across the continent to compete for their chance at bragging rights and a cash prize.

The Mixer Matchup and Microsoft Store North American Championship on October 10, 2018 via a press release on the Mixer Blog. According to the announcement, the Microsoft North American Championship will begin on October 19 at participating Microsoft Stores across the country. The competition will be separated into various regions with a weekly $10,000 prize pool at each event and store winners facing off against each other to go to the Finals. The Championship Finals will take place on November 10, pitting the winning teams from each region against one another for a chance at additional $15,000 prize on top of that.


Players must be 14 years of age or older to compete and ages 14 to 17 will require a waiver by a parent or legal guardian to be eligible, but outside of that, the tournament seems open to all comers, as long as you are able to register with a local store. A detailed list of rules and participating stores can be found on Smash.gg where the tournament is hosted, along with a hub to enter at any participating store.

Mixer will be broadcasting the entire tournament, beginning with the first matches on October 19 at 3PM PT. Anyone who wants to see the action as it goes down can tune into the Mixer Matchups channel as it happens.

This particular tournament is a step away from Epic’s Fortnite Fall Skirmish and even Keemstar Fortnite Fridays before that where mostly notable streamers and personalities where invited to play. It really does seem like an all-comers competition from Mixer and Microsoft. Will anyone notable come out of it? Who knows? That said, it’s a chance at a substantial payday as well for anyone who believes they’ve got the goods to cross the finish line.

We’ll be watching the action with anticipation as it begins later this month.

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