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Pamaj Leaves OpTic Gaming In Search Of A "New Challenge"

Austin "Pamaj" Pamajewon has left OpTic Gaming to be "closer to home" and to "search for a new challenge and new experiences."

OpTic Gaming have been going through some tumultuous times recently. The organisation lost its general manager Romain Bigeard earlier this week, followed by Kyle “KyKy” Souder being released from the Houston Outlaws; OpTic’s co-owned Overwatch League team. The latest member of the organisation to depart is Austin “Pamaj” Pamajewon, a content creator who joined the organisation in November 2015.

Pamaj uploaded a sub-17 minute video to his YouTube channel explaining his decision to leave. He makes it clear from the outset that he holds no ill will against anyone from OpTic at all; “There’s no beef with anyone, it just doesn’t exist.” He went on to explain that the “vibe” changed when multiple members moved out of the Scuf House and that he expected it to happen because it “wasn’t mandatory to see each other every single day.”

“There was a lot of promises - not from anyone in the Scuf House - but from, we’ll call it “corporate”, that just didn’t happen,” Pamaj explained. “There was a lot of decisions that just were not making any sense whatsoever. It was like these guys had no idea - they were playing with fire. The green wall is so strong that if you mess with it in the wrong way and you don’t know them, you’re gonna mess things up. You’re gonna piss a lot of people off.”

He goes on to explain that there wasn’t much communication or support for the content creators and that “corporate” - Infinite Esports - were only supporting the esports side of things. “There’s so much history behind [OpTic Gaming], you have to keep that. It felt like they weren’t doing that. They thought they knew what was gonna happen but man… it’s not gonna work out the way you think it is. We really didn’t have much control there.”

In the description for the video, Pamaj explains that he’s moving closer to home in a “search for a new challenge and new experiences.” He details how he’s been “back and forth from home for 4 years now and this year has been an absolute wild year unlike any before for me. So I’m going to be closer to home this time around.”

Sounds to us like Pamaj has made the right decision for his future. Another OpTic content creator, Davis “Hitch” Edwards explained on stream that Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, the CEO and owner of the organisation has been considering returning to a more active role. In other OpTic Gaming news, Fortnite streamer and 100Thieves member NICKMERCS has commended Hitch for giving back to the community.

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