Jace Hall's $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge is Competitive Gaming at Its Finest

Nicholas Barth,

October 14, 2018 2:14 PM

Video game industry veteran Jace Hall is hosting a DOOM Arena Challenge that will push players to their limits in order to collect the $1,000 prize.

Twin Galaxies Chairman and video game industry veteran Jace Hall has issued a challenge for talented DOOM players to undertake with Jace Hall's $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge. Acting as part of research and discovery for Z1: Battle Royale, the Jace Hall $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge is tasking players to complete a single DOOM 2: Hell on Earth map with 100% kills which is a truly difficult challenge even for the most seasoned pros. 

The first player or group (up to four players) to complete the challenge will receive a $1,000 cash prize. However, if the winners of the DOOM Arena Challenge are also members of the H1Z1 community then they will also recieve an array of valuable H1Z1 cosmetic items. You can find all of the available H1Z1 cosmetic rewards below.

- White Twin Galaxies Hoodie and Pants
- Black Twin Galaxies Hoodie and Pants
- Skull Bandanna
- Daybreak Eyepatch
- Grey Basic Hoodie

Only one winning player or team will be awarded, so once the Jace Hall $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge for DOOM 2: Hell on Earth has been completed no other winners will be crowned.

A challenge that only the most elite of video game players should attempt.
A challenge that only the most elite of video game players should attempt.

You can find the full process for how to attempt the challenge below.

1. Acquire a copy of DOOM 2:Hell on Earth and install it on your PC -

You can buy a copy on steam for $5:

OR at GOG:

2. Visit zandronum.com and download the latest version and install it.

3. Launch Zandronum and look for the server named:

"Jace Halls $1,000 Doom Arena Challenge"

4. Join that server and begin the challenge!

All of the elite level skill and adrenaline pumping action that is sure to be displayed from the challengers of this difficult challenge will be broadcasted on the official Twitch channel or the challenge. Map completions will be automatically recorded for later verification from Jace Hall, but players must have their run recorded to be eligible to win. Players should only attempt the challenge when the stream is live and recording. 

With a group of legendary DOOM professional players having been among the challengers for the $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge and still no winner having been crowned at the time of this writing, it is clear that Jace Hall was not joking when he described his event as "something that is for only the top echelon of elite video game players who seek true challenge and accomplishment that goes way beyond the highly nerfed experience of modern video game playing."

Are you brave enough to test your skills in Jace Hall's $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge?


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