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The Overwatch League Just Got a Whole Lot Cuter

To celebrate the launch of Overwatch's Lunar New Year event, Blizzard partnered with several animal shelters to host the first ever Overwatch Puppy Rumble!

Professional Overwatch is a growing business, and today it just got a whole lot cuter with the first ever Puppy Rumble, an event held to coincide with the Lunar New Year event taking place right now.

The Puppy Rumble (puppyrumble.com)
The Puppy Rumble (puppyrumble.com)

In order to help promote the event, Blizzard partnered with several animal shelters from across the country to form teams of adorable pups. Viewers were able to watch the game live with professional casters Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Erik “DoA” Lonnquist calling all the shots as the pups attempted to capture the flag.

While the game might have been in good fun, the real benefit comes to the pups, who were all viewable on the official Puppy Rumble website, and links were provided for viewers and fans to be able to donate to the shelters as well as potentially adopt the pups featured in the match.

While there’s no word yet on whether any of these pups will find their way onto any pro teams, we are able to talk about Overwatch Contenders teams signing new players, as the action heats up even more in the Overwatch League.

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