League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals Recap – Royal Never Give Up vs G2 Esports

Zac Cameron,

October 20, 2018 6:52 PM

All the action from the second quarterfinal match between Royal Never Give Up from China, and G2 Esports from Europe.

The playoffs are continuing for the next week, and we’ve already seen one major upset today as KT Rolster falls to Invictus Gaming. Now we look to the match between Royal Never Give Up, the number one seed from China and strong favorites to win the entire tournament, and G2 esports, the number three seed from the European League of Legends Championship Series. Here’s a brief breakdown of the series.

Match One

The first match saw RNG clearly demonstrate the dominance that caused them to be the tournament favorites, running over G2 in both kills and objectives as they built an insurmountable lead. It didn’t take long for the Chinese powerhouse to firmly establish control, ultimately ending the game for the first victory of the day.

Match Two

The second match saw G2 fight back with renewed passion, as they looked to make sure this wouldn’t be a simple 3-0 victory for RNG. Though RNG still showed brilliant gameplay, they were unable to match the high intensity that G2 produced, as they leveled out the score overall to make the series 1-1.

Match Three

The third clash once again saw RNG dominate the match, with G2 barely able to fight back anywhere. Some minor trades allowed G2 to salvage their ego and prevent a clean sweep, though they could not stop RNG from tunneling in on their victory conditions and claiming the third match, setting up match point for the LPL team.

Match Four

The fourth clash was nearly a complete reversal of fortune, as G2 showed uncharacteristic strength in this match. RNG barely managed to avoid having a perfect game against them, with only a single tower and kill to their name, as G2 stormed home to claim their second win of the day and set up a decisive game five showdown.

Match Five

The final clash was a brutal back-and-forth showdown, with RNG managing to stay a menacing threat despite being far behind in gold. Tense moments had fans on the edge of their seats, as G2 repeatedly attempted to secure the Baron buff and end the match, however RNG were able to maintain a presence in the are and prevent a rout from developing for some time. Ultimately however, G2 were able to find the fight they needed, securing the buff and using its power to force the fights that would allow them to ultimately claim victory, sending G2 Esports to the semi-finals.

Yet another upset victory on the first day of playoffs, with G2 Esports now set to face Invictus Gaming in the semi-final match next week. For more on the times of that match, check out the official schedule, here.


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