Jace Hall's $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge Has Been Beaten in Incredible Fashion

Nicholas Barth,

October 21, 2018 8:18 AM

In a show of elite gaming skill, a group of professional DOOM players were able to complete the Jace Hall $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge.

Twin Galaxies Chairman and video game industry leader Jace Hall had issued a great challenge to the competitive gaming world in the form of the Jace Hall $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge. Challenging players to complete a map in DOOM 2: Hell on Earth with 100% kills, the Jace Hall $1,000 gaming event was created as part of research and discovery for the title of Z1: Battle Royale

After several days of many players doing their best to complete the truly difficult video game challenge, a group of four players has finally been able to push through the challenges that DOOM 2: Hell on Earth posed to them in the Jace Hall DOOM Arena Challenge and were able to collect 100% kills and the grand prize. 

You can watch the impressive run by the championship group that consisted of three professional DOOM players (Looper, Abyryalg and Ancalagon) and a member of the H1Z1 community (BlitzyTheLegend) below in its entirety. In regards to how difficult this particular challenge was for the winning group, it took the four players a period of five hours and 19 minutes in order to complete the map and reach the 100% kill total. 

For their completion of the Jace Hall $1,000 event for DOOM 2: Hell on Earth, the winning group was awarded the $1,000 grand prize and a set of valuable H1Z1 cosmetic items. You can find all of the H1Z1 items that were up for grabs in the elite gaming challenge below. 

- White Twin Galaxies Hoodie and Pants
- Black Twin Galaxies Hoodie and Pants
- Skull Bandanna
- Daybreak Eyepatch
- Grey Basic Hoodie

Only the most competitive of players were challenged to attempt what could have been the most difficult DOOM map challenge that has ever been completed, and this was reinforced with the warning that Jace Hall had posted for interested parties who believed that they had the skill necessary in order to accomplish this video game feat. 

"This is something that is for only the top echelon of elite video game players who seek true challenge and accomplishment that goes way beyond the highly nerfed experience of modern video game playing," stated Jace Hall.

With over a five hour completion time for a group consisting of three of the best DOOM players in the world, the warning from the creator of the $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge was all too real for players who attempted the elite feat. 


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