Tetris Pro Koryan Demolishes 19 Levels in Record Time!

Jeff Kotuby,

October 21, 2018 5:14 PM

Think you're good at Tetris? You've got nothing on Tetris Grand Master Koryan. Watch here as he smashes through 19 levels in just over 7 minutes at the Tetris World Championships. How many levels can you get in that amount of time?

Watch 2018 Classic Tetris World Championship Opening Day from ClassicTetris on www.twitch.tv

Who says you can't teach an old dog (or game) new tricks? At the Tetris World Championships in Portland, Oregon, players from across the globe joined together to compete in one of the greatest games of all time. While the traditional game mode is still played at the highest level, Tetris pros have found a new way to play, merging the worlds of competitive gaming and speed running into one, action packed competition. This new concept sees four players striving to reach Level 19 in the NES version of Tetris before their competitors can. Players progress levels by clearing lines, so obviously the name of the game is clearing as many lines as possible, as quickly as possible. Above, Japanese Tetris grand master Koryan (wearing a wig and playing under the pseudonym Kauser) proceeds to masterfully maneuver the falling tetrominoes en route to reaching the Level 19 goal in 7:25, the quickest recorded time in the new format by about 30 seconds. Koryan couldn't ride that wave to win the entire exhibition, however, as he ended up dropping out in the final round. 

Koryan is a supremely talented Tetris pro is one of only three individuals to reach level 30 in the NTSC NES version of Tetris. His legendary run, seen below, cemented him as a Tetris grand master: 


While Koryan's accomplishments are of course incredible and require a superhuman amount of talent, the biggest wins of the weekend belong to Joseph Saelee, the 16-year old who ultimately won the Level 19 race, then knocked Koryan out of the main tournament the next day. Oh, he also defeated the King of Tetris, Jonas Neubauer, and won the 2018 Tetris World Championship, too. Check out Joseph's amazing run to the top! 


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