100 Thieves Sign Valkyrae And Bring On Drake & Scooter Braun As Co-Owners

Ford James,

October 23, 2018 7:16 AM

100 Thieves, the esports organisation led by Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, has brought on Drake and Scooter Braun as co-owners.

Long gone are the days of Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag playing Call of Duty under OpTic Gaming. Since starting 100 Thieves in April 2016, the esports organisation has gone from strength to strength. In a double whammy of announcements, 100 Thieves has signed Valkyrae on as a Fortnite content creator alongside Drake and Scooter Braun joining as co-owners.

Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofsetter joins the team alongside NICKMERCS and NoahJ456 as content creators for the brand. Valkyrae has regularly participated in Fortnite skirmish esports events and has a plethora of videos on her YouTube channel playing with other high profile Fortnite content creators and pro players such as TSM Myth, Pokimane, Nick Eh 30, FaZe Jaomock and more.

In an announcement dubbed an “expansion beyond esports”, Drake and Scooter Braun have joined the organisation as co-owners. This comes as a result of 100 Thieves first funding round coming to a close. Drake and Braun join Nadeshot and Dan Gilbert, chairman of the Cleveland Cavaliers, as 100 Thieves co-owners.

“It’s been exciting to watch esports become a cultural phenomenon in 2018,” explained ex-OpTic Gaming Call of Duty pro Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag. “I’ve spent my ten-year career in esports growing the ecosystem and am proud to have Drake and Scooter join as my partners to help take 100 Thieves to new heights.  Our top priority is to win world championships, but our ambitions go far beyond competitive gaming. “With Drake and Scooter’s support, we’re going to build a lasting brand on the back of the content and apparel that our fans have come to love, aggressively expand into more games, scale our apparel business, and build a world-class management team.”

As for their roles within the company, they will “act as strategic advisors for 100 Thieves.” The organisation has already worked with Drake before on the custom gaming stations that travel with him on his Scorpion tour and according to the 100 Thieves website, “apparel collaborations are underway.” Braun on the other hand will join the board of directors as part of his role.

“With Matt’s experience, talent, and vision as a professional gamer he and his team have built one of the most authentic brands in the ever-evolving gaming space,” Braun said. “We are honored to join the 100 thieves family during this exciting phase of their professional journey.  I personally could not be more thrilled for 100 Thieves. This is just the beginning.”

You can read the full statement from the organisation on their website. In other 100 Thieves news, read about how they have a “bit of a PR problem” in League of Legends.


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