Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct on November 1st: How To Watch

Jason Fanelli,

October 31, 2018 6:00 AM

The last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct will be dropping a ton of Smash Bros knowledge on us this Thursday. Here's how you can check it out.

The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct is upon us, airing Thursday November 1st at 10AM Eastern/7AM Pacific. Smash Bros fans the world over will be watching as our questions are answered, hopes and dreams are fulfilled, and the abundance of leaks are either proven or disproven. You may be asking “how do I watch such an event?” Lucky for you, we have the answer right here.

Straight to the Smash Source

Nintendo will be hosting the Direct, uh, directly on their website: just head to this link when the time comes and you’ll be in the right place.

(NOTE: The Nintendo website just embedded the Twitch stream of the Direct...which means…)

Get Your Twitch Smash On

If you’ll be hanging out on Twitch anyway leading up to the Direct and want to watch the livestream there, just head on over to Nintendo’s Twitch channel and soak in the greatness.

Live Smash Reacts Only

If you’ll be hanging out on Twitch and want some live commentary from some prominent content creators, make sure to search for any channel doing live reactions to the Direct. Maximilian_DOOD is usually watching live, as are the Kinda Funny crew and  Etika to name a few.

A Place For Me And You(Tube)

nto endless leak debate videos, meme black holes, and other assorted nonsense is more your style, the official Nintendo YouTube channel will also have the full Direct airing right at 10AM and the Treehouse Live presentation right after it. . 

Social Media Smashing

If you’re not the type to venture far from the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Nintendo’s accounts on both platforms will either have the Direct streaming right there or at the very least link to one of the sites I mentioned above, so you should be good to go there too.

Any one of these options will be great for getting all of the juiciest Super Smash Bros Ultimate news drops as they happen. For all things Smash Bros we’ve got you covered too, check out our predictions on who’s getting into the game as well as an interesting prediction theory that has made the rounds.


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