Watch Kripparrian Play Hearthstone, Artifact And MTG At The Same Time

Ford James,

November 21, 2018 8:26 AM

Legendary Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian played three games all at the same time on stream yesterday with some incredible results.

Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan made his fame through playing Hearthstone. He’s one of the most successful Hearthstone streamers and content creators, playing a huge amount of ladder and arena on his streams. He’s also been known to dabble in other card games such as Shadowverse though and with two brand new digital card games on the horizon; Artifact and Magic The Gathering: Arena, Kripp decided to play all three simultaneously.

The reason this is possible is because card games are turn-based, so there’s a lot of time you’ll spend waiting for your opponent to make their move. A number of streamers have previously streamed multiple Hearthstone games at the same time through playing on different servers but this time, Kripp mixed it up by playing three completely different games.

In the clip above you can see Kripp is part-way through an Artifact match when he starts his first turns in both Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering: Arena. He’s debating what play to make in Artifact when he switches his attention to MTG:A in order to complete his mulligan. Hearthstone is the game Kripp is most talented at so of course, he has to think less about his turns and which cards to play.

The second clip shows the end of the stream, when he’d finished playing three games simultaneously. He announces that he played two matches of each and that he won one in Hearthstone and lost the other, while his MTG:A performance was one victory and two losses. In Artifact though, he won both of his games. Four out of seven isn’t bad when you’re playing three games at the same time!

“As such, I can easily conclude through empirical data that Artifact is the easiest of the three card games,” Kripp confirmed. “This is an appropriate conclusion I believe.” We think he’s joking… but you never quite know with the world’s best vegan gamer. This isn’t the only Kripp clip of recent times either - check out the moment he got a phone call from Aquaman live on stream.


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