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A Chinese College is Offering Esports Success Courses

Lanxiang Technical School is at the forefront of getting students ready to enter the booming esports industry.

Going to college to learn how to work in an industry that focuses on people playing video games professionally might not be what most people envision, but one school in China is leading the way in training the next generation of esports professionals. With competitive gaming becoming a sport at 910 universities in China, it is no surprise schools are beginning to focus on the professional side of esports. According to a report by the South China Morning Post, Lanxiang Technical School has started a esports focused program for their students, with the goal of helping them become professional players or venture into other areas of the industry. 50 students signed up for the inaugural course that launched in September.  

The first year consists of the students working to improve their skills and knowledge of the biggest esports titles in the world, such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. With the addition of theoretical lessons on becoming successful in the exponentially growing industry, the program not only focuses on the student's individual skill at a game. After the first year, the students are divided up with the most talented players focusing on becoming professional players, while the others learn the ins and outs of becoming event organizers, coaches, promoters, media talent and other professions necessary for the industry. 

It is not all playing time at Lanxiang Technical School, as students are taught how to have successful careers in the industry.

It is not all playing time at Lanxiang Technical School, as students are taught how to have successful careers in the industry.

(Source: South China Morning Post)

Lanxiang Technical is aiming to be tutoring up to 1,000 esports students. School director Rong Lanxiang explained that parents of the students were hesitant at first for their children to enroll in the program. 

"At first, many parents thought it was just about playing video games. In fact, it’s not the case. Esports is developing to a very high degree and it’s become an economic growth driver."  

The current tuition for the school is 13,000 yaun ($2,050), but the highly talented players who join the school's team do not have to pay.  

With schools like Lanxiang Technical leading the way, there is a very high chance that the esports professionals of the future will enter the industry with an entire university career of esports focused learning guiding them. 

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