CWL Vegas Grand Finals Standings and Results - OpTic Gaming Win

Nicholas Barth,

December 9, 2018 7:27 PM

The final standings and results for the CWL Vegas Grand Finals are in, and OpTic Gaming has won the first Call of Duty World league tournament for Black Ops 4.

This past weekend has seen the first major tournament of the 2019 Call of Duty World League (CWL) season for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 take place in CWL Vegas. With the excitement for competitive Call of Duty at an all-time high with the release of Black Ops 4 and a vast array of star studded rosters ready to claim the first title of the season, CWL Vegas was a very highly anticipated event, and it did not disappoint with no shortage of jaw dropping plays and results that resulted in an exciting Grand Finals to determine the final standings.

The Las Vegas action concluded on Sunday, December 9th with the first Championship Sunday of the Black Ops 4 season that saw OpTic Gaming secure the CWL Vegas championship over eUnited and claim the top spot in the final standings. If you missed any of the Grand Finals action from today, do not worry, as we have the final standings and results for how the top team in the final standings for CWL Vegas achieved glory.

CWL Vegas Grand Finals Standings and Results -  OpTic Gaming Win

The first map of the CWL Vegas Grand Finals between OpTic Gaming and eUnited that would determine the final standings and results was Seaside Hardpoint. The Losers bracket team of eUnited shot out to a strong lead against OpTic Gaming. However, the talented players of OpTic Gaming would not let eUnited take the win so easy. A heroic effort by Ian "Crimsix" Porter to keep control of the last Hardpoint and an impressive kill streak by Brandon "Dashy" Otell allowed OpTic Gaming to secure the epic comeback and win 250-246 to secure a 1-0 lead in the Grand Finals and turn the potential of championship results in their favor.

Arsenal Search and Destroy was the second map of the Grand Finals, and the results from it saw OpTic Gaming take a 4-2 lead over eUnited to start the action. Back and forth rounds followed that ultimately resulted in OpTic Gaming winning 6-3 and taking a 2-0 lead in the championship match. 

Map three headed back to Arsenal with the game mode moving to the new Black Ops 4 game mode of Control. OpTic Gaming was looking to claim the championship results with a map three Grand Finals win in order to secure the 3-0 series win over eUnited and the top stop in the final standings. The Greenwall was able to put together a 3-2 win to secure the 3-0 Grand Finals victory over eUnited and CWL Vegas Championship.

"It's been insane. It's the only word I can keep thinking about," Dashy told Twin Galaxies regarding his transition from 2018 rookie sensation to MVP award winner and champion with OpTic Gaming. "Joining OpTic, the biggest org in all of esports arguably, and playing alongside my teammates has been super humbling, and I am just grateful for everything."

With the Grand Finals victory results at CWL Vegas, OpTic Gaming have claimed their spot at the top of the professional Call of Duty standings and are the first Black Ops 4 champions that have been crowned for the 2019 Call of Duty World League season. 


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