Kripparrian Gains World Record Two Billion Armor In Hearthstone Match

Ford James,

December 11, 2018 2:15 PM

During a friendly Hearthstone match, Kripparrian managed to gain two billion armor, the highest armor count ever seen in a game of Hearthstone.

Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan is one of the world’s most famous Hearthstone streamers and for good measure. He regularly has hilarious streams and pulls off impressive plays, but this record break is definitely one of the highlights of his Hearthstone career, even if it was done during a friendly match.

While playing with fellow streamer Zeddy, Kripparrian managed to gain over two billion armor. 2,080,472,162 to be exact. This was only possible with Druid - not Warrior like you might expect. There’s one new card released with Rastakhan’s Rumble that makes this possible: Linecracker. Linecracker is a 7-cost 5/10 minion that reads “Overkill: Double this minion’s attack.”

Of course, by itself this doesn’t help you gain armor. That’s where Earthen Scales comes in to play: “GIve a friendly minion +1/+1, then gain Armor equal to its Attack.” Now you realise where this is going. As long as the Linecracker has enough small minions to kill, then its attack can get scarily high. In a friendly match where your opponent is feeding you Wisps non-stop, it’s more than possible to get Linecracker’s attack to an astronomical amount.

“Okay that’s it, that’s it,” Kripp confirmed as the Linecracker’s health increased for the final time. “Two billion. Two billion - wait, let me just count it up. Three, three, three… yes, we’re at two billion. He has nine cards… here’s the moment boys! Perfect - two billion armor! There we go.”

This is without a doubt not possible in a normal game of Hearthstone where your opponent is trying to actually win the game because Linecracker isn’t that powerful of a card in usual circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s a phenomenal achievement so congratulations to Kripp!

In other Kripparrian news, last month he played Hearthstone, Artifact and Magic The Gathering on stream… all at the same time!


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