ESL & Intel Extend Partnership To Invest $100 Million In Esports

TJ Denzer,

December 13, 2018 11:24 PM

The ESL and Intel have been partnered for sometime, but business between the two took a historic turn as the companies cooperate to invest $100 million into esports for the largest brand and tech partnership in competitive gaming history.

Intel and ESL have long been in partnership to push some of the best esports production around the world. Though Intel has long been a force in esports, working with the Overwatch League, NBA 2K League, and even a tournament to kick off the 2018 Winter Olympics, Intel's work with ESL to produce the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League has undoubtedly been one of the most memorable esports competitions of the year. It only continues from here as ESL and Intel have announced an extension to their partnership with plans to invest $100 million into esports.

This announcement was made via press release on December 12, 2018. With this announcement, ESL and Intel are entering into one of the largest brand and tech partnerships in esports history. The investment is set to take course over the span of the next three years. ESL Founder and Co-CEO Ralf Reichart was enthusiastic to share the next big step in Intel and ESL's long relationship.

“ESL and Intel have worked side by side on growing esports for nearly two decades,” said Reichert. “We built a number of cornerstones of this industry together and helped many gamers in becoming legends of the sport. The long-term extended partnership with Intel opens even more opportunities for us to take our efforts to a whole different level on a global scale."

Astralis made history by winning the first Intel Grand Slam, to the tune of world accolades and a one million dollar prize.
Astralis made history by winning the first Intel Grand Slam, to the tune of world accolades and a one million dollar prize.

Indeed, Intel and ESL have already had a great deal of success to talk about in 2018. Between the likes of the ESL One in Katowice and Intel Extreme Masters competitions held around the world, the events have held an attendance of 15,000 viewers on average. IEM Katowice 2018 in particular saw an on-site attendance of over 169.000 fans and footage from the event has been viewed for an astounding total of 3.4 billion minutes. It culminated in the Intel Grand Slam for 2018, which was won by Astralis.

Intel and ESL are already gearing up for 2019 with the next Katowice event around the corner, but also IEM Sydney, which will celebrate the 75th event of uninterrupted events by Intel and ESL. With $100 million to push into their already vast and diverse scene, Intel and ESL are set to make even greater moves in the near future that will delight players and fans alike.


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