Islands Of Nyne Battle Royale Goes Free-To-Play As Developer Shuts Down

Ford James,

December 20, 2018 4:22 AM

The sci-fi battle royale game was in Steam Early Access for six months, but has now gone free-to-play as the developers are shutting down.

In an era where battle royale games are releasing left, right, and centre, it’s undeniably difficult for newer games to break through and gain a player base. Despite being in early access since July and in closed alpha and beta stages for over a year before that, Islands of Nyne is another battle royale that has failed to make an impact.

Islands of Nyne

In a post by the Define Human development team, they explain that Islands of Nyne has been in the works for four years, ever since they quit their 9-5 jobs. “Unfortunately, all adventures come to an end, and for us, that time has come a little earlier than we would’ve liked.” They go on to explain that they cannot “financially support development costs” anymore, and that Islands of Nyne is now free-to-play. They confirm that the servers will stay up for the “foreseeable future”, and on top of that, if anybody bought the game from November 29 2018, they’ll be eligible to a refund. The same applies to any in-game skins bought in that period.

Define Human is also “exploring server hosting solutions” to allow players to host custom matches without their “direct involvement.” The team has said that they want Islands of Nyne to “always be playable regardless of the lack of updates,” so they’re looking into more options. If you own the game and see one final update, this is to simply add a credits screen to the main menu, which expressed thanks to everyone who “contributed to the creation of Islands of Nyne,” including those who backed the game during crowdfunding.

Here is the complete announcement from Define Human, along with the FAQ which succinctly covers any questions you may have. In other battle royale news, the challenges for the upcoming 14 Days of Fortnite event have leaked early.

All images courtesy of Define Human.


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