Jiren Joins Dragon Ball FighterZ?

TJ Denzer,

January 16, 2019 10:26 PM

A recent post by Bandai Namco Europe confirms that a new character will soon be announced for DBFZ, and many believe the signs may be pointing to Dragon Ball Super's Jiren.

When Bandai Namco put out a livestream on Dragon Ball, it didn’t quite deliver the way fans wanted. Though it offered info on Dragon Ball Heroes and the new year of Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour, many were disappointed to find little to no info on a DBFZ Season 2 of DLC. Whether Bandai Namco is making up for this or not, a new announcement might mean Jiren is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ in the near future.

It was Bandai Namco Europe who put out a tweet on January 16, 2019, alluding to a new character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Though Jiren wasn’t outright stated to be the character, the tweet promised a “Warrior from Universe 11”. You can see the tweet below.

Those familiar with the storyline of Dragon Ball Super will know that the above tweet refers to the Tournament of Power and specifically the universe of characters including the Guardians of Peace. Of these characters, only Vermoud (Universe 11’s God of Destruction, like Beerus), Top/Toppo, and Jiren stand out from the bunch, but “Warrior” suggests it would more likely be Top or Jiren and Jiren being Goku’s ultimate challenger in that arc makes him the most likely candidate.

There are many that feel like this announcement from Bandai Namco feels like a little bit of condolences for the lacking stream and Bandai Namco themselves seem to realize the stream was less than fans expected. That said, Jiren would make for an explosive start to Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 content. Whatever’s coming, we’ll know more about the state of DBFZ Season 2 at the World Tour Finals on January 26 and 27 where details are expected to be announced.

Stay tuned for more information on Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 and Jiren!


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