Scoreboard Spotlight: Richard Cooley's Paperboy Hard Way Ride & More

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

February 28, 2018 10:15 AM

Ready to peek at some amazing new gaming champions? We look at a collection of fantastic new records including a stellar new Mario Kart race record and a pair of Yie Ar Kung Fu scores to name a few.

Twin Galaxies loves high scores and we love community. That’s why we look to the players who engage in topping the leaderboards every minute of every day to prove themselves a cut above the competition in the Twin Galaxies scoreboards. There’s a mountain of videos and submissions to go through each week and each recognized record holder is good enough to be considered awesome. Here are a few highlights from this previous week of accepted submissions, including a high score on a now-rare game, a pair of matching records on separate systems, and more!

AL Birman – Super Pro Decathalon (Intellivision - NTSC/PAL): Broad Jump

AL Birman lands a record setting jump in Super Pro Decathalon's Broad Jump.
AL Birman lands a record setting jump in Super Pro Decathalon's Broad Jump.

This record comes to us from Twin Galaxies member AL “Intellivision Master” Birman from a stellar run through Super Pro Decathalon. True to the title, the game puts players through a gauntlet of ten challenges inspired by real athletic events. The second of these is the Broad Jump and this is where Birman truly shines. The goal is to gain enough speed to leap as far as possible in several tries. Through some serious effort, he manages to launch his runner to a winning score of 9.5 meters on his second jump in the set! The previous score was 8.59, set by Roger “rogerpoco” Edwin Blair III in January 2018, and Birman topped it by nearly a whole meter. These stars of virtual sporting have the second and first scores respectively as of 2018 on the Broad Jump scoreboard, the last champion (Tom Duncan) of which was back in 2006. With competition renewed, will Blair answer back and try to top the amazing 9.5 jump? It remains to be seen, but for this run, Birman holds the Broad Jump crown.

Emily Martin – Mario Kart: Double Dash (Gamecube - NTSC): Daisy Cruiser Fastest Lap

Emily Martin puts the
Emily Martin puts the "Dash" in "Double Dash" with her sharp driving on Daisy Cruiser

Our next record comes from Mario Kart racer Emily Martin on Double Dash for the Gamecube. With the ability to select two racers for each racecar and swap them at will, Double Dash arguably allows for a lot more versatility in speed and control than most other Mario Kart games. That said, you still need to have the skills to back up that versatility and Martin shows off her skills in impressive style. She takes on the Fastest Lap record on the Daisy Cruiser scoreboard, choosing Baby Luigi and Koopa Troopa as her pair. On her race at the 11-minute mark of her video submission, Martin drifts, boosts, and slides through the cruise ship with perfect timing, offering up a master class of proficiency with all of Mario Kart: Double Dash’s racing mechanics. It allows her to turn in her first lap with a world record time of 37.621, getting just ahead of Fred “fredb999” Bugmann’s  38.273 record set back in 2008. This marks the first of Martin’s accepted submissions and her entrance among Twin Galaxies Scoreboard record holders. Hopefully we’ll see more of her exciting driving in many more records to come!

Evan Weston – Final Fight (Arcade): Single Player (Points)

Evan Weston cracks skulls for days in a hard-hitting single-credit run through the original Final Fight.
Evan Weston cracks skulls for days in a hard-hitting single-credit run through the original Final Fight.

Our next highlight is an awesome session through a little bit rarer of a find in the gaming market. Original CPS1 Final Fight arcade boards aren’t easy to come by (not to mention they can cost an arm and a leg), but Evan “EVN” Weston found his way to one, plugged it in, and put in one heck of a rampage through the streets of Metro City as Mayor Mike Haggar. Weston was piledriving and suplexing enemies left and right and looked to be going strong for a good stretch of the game. He didn’t quite make it all the way through on one credit, but he did put in a very admirable 502,210 points on his run before being taken out, which was enough to put him at the top of the Single Player (Points) Scoreboard for Final Fight. He inhabits the scoreboard with only one fellow player - Benjamin Thomas Sweeney who put up 339,640 in 2016. Weston admits that the Final Fight scoreboards are barren and that he’d love to work his way up to a single credit full playthrough. Here’s hoping that means we can see even greater scores out of Weston in the future! In the meantime, it would be awesome to see others meet Weston’s challenge and fill the scoreboard up with their own playthroughs as well.

Pete Hahn – Yie Ar Kung Fu (M.A.M.E. Set 1 & Arcade): Points

Pete Hahn proves his kung fu is best in both Arcade and M.A.M.E. versions of Yie Ar Kung Fu
Pete Hahn proves his kung fu is best in both Arcade and M.A.M.E. versions of Yie Ar Kung Fu

This next one is a bit of a two-for-one. Yie Ar Kung Fu is considered to be one of the original foundations of the entire fighting game genre and Pete “HAN” Hahn is a master at it in all of its forms. Hahn jumped into the game at his local arcade to launch into a maxed out run of 9,999,900 points for the original arcade edition of the game, expertly fighting his way through all of the game’s combatants rotation after rotation. Pete would join Erik and David Kaufman in the first place position on the Yie Ar Kung Fu arcade leaderboard. However, Hahn didn’t stop there. He then took his skills over to M.A.M.E. and completed yet another skillful 9,999,900 run on the M.A.M.E. Yie Ar Kung Fu Set 1 leaderboards, for which the next closest score is Clay “CWK” Karczewski coming in at 783,100. Hahn shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that one platform can’t contain his world record skills, standing as the first champ of Yie Ar to take his mastery of the game across formats and put in the time to make his mark on all arenas of the classic fighter.

Richard Cooley – Paperboy (Arcade): Hard Way (Points)

Richard Cooley makes the Hard Way look easy in his record run of Paperboy's most difficult route.
Richard Cooley makes the Hard Way look easy in his record run of Paperboy's most difficult route.

Paperboy Hard Way isn’t kidding around with that difficulty label. As you go further in the week, chucking papers delicately onto the steps and into the mailboxes of subscribers and smashing every other rotten non-subscribers’s property, the game throws everything and the kitchen sink at you. It’s a gauntlet just to survive let alone squeezing every last point you can out of it. Richard “Skater” Cooley handles it all in stride, taking on the challenge of avoiding all obstacles and hitting most of his targets with each throw of his papers. At the end of the Paperboy in-game week, Cooley managed to put up a cool 379,752 in points, taking hold of the number one spot on the Paperboy Hard Way leaderboard and handily dethroning Brian Kuh’s 360,761 posted back in 2006. Though Cooley improved heavily upon the previous score, he seems to believe there’s room for more scoring and even suggested that he might take his skills over to the M.A.M.E. version of the game to make his mark there as well. It’s safe to say we can expect more activity and high scoring from the new Hard Way champion in what might be the near future.

These are our highlights from the previous week, but congrats to everyone that broke ground and found their way to an Undisputed spot on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboards. You can be rest assured that the Twin Galaxies champions of today and tomorrow will set their sights on even greater challenges and bring the goods as we watch for our next Scoreboard Spotlight. Maybe the next high scores we talk about will be yours? Good luck and high scoring!

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